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When Should You Consider Using CBD Oil for Cats?

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Cats, like all other animals, have an endocannabinoid system that helps them stay healthy. However, when your pet doesn’t have enough cannabinoids in its system, it can start experiencing severe health conditions.

This is where CBD comes into play, as it replaces the cannabinoids and brings the body back to a condition of good health. CBD helps them deal with different ailments such as anxiety, stress, inflammation, etc.

If you haven’t thought about using CBD oil for cats, it may be time to change your mind. But, how do you know when your cat needs this kind of treatment?

Talk to your vet

Your regular veterinarian will be keeping track of your cat’s health. Therefore, it’s best to consult them to see if your cat is suffering from any ailments. CBD cannot be used to treat everything, which is why you cannot self-administer it to your pet. 

You must be cautious and speak to a trained professional. They can also help you understand if CBD is the right treatment for your cat. Additionally, an experienced vet can prescribe the correct CBD dosage for your cat. 

While CBD oil and other CBD supplements can help generate several health benefits in cats, overdosing may lead to potentially fatal issues. You may also consider alerting your vet of any other medication your cat is on.

Cat exhibits odd behaviour

If you happen to notice your cat acting strangely – not eating properly or getting skittish due to anxiety. These are just two ailments that CBD can soothe, but there are more. CBD helps reduce stress, anxiety, epilepsy and can generally elevate the mood of your cat. 

Studies show that ageing cats can be affected by conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis. Your cat may also act out or “throw fits” when in pain. CBD oil can help manage pain, muscle spasms, and other symptoms that come with these conditions.

Other forms of CBD aren’t effective for your cat

If you have already been given your cat doses of CBD but haven’t seen any improvement, it might simply be because you are not using the best form of CBD for it. CBD oil for cats can be very potent, unlike the other forms of CBD: treats, wax, or topical creams.

Note that you should consistently administer CBD to see results. Also, do not mix different forms of CBD as it can lead to inconsistency in results. Oils are also easier to mix into cat food rather than wax or treats. 

Wellness plan for your pet

CBD doesn’t only have to be taken when your pet is extremely ill; it can also be used as a general wellness medicine if you wish to keep your cats healthy. It will help boost the cat’s immune system and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Also, because CBD will be in oil form, it will have more natural components than its counterparts, making it a healthier and adequate substitute. Additionally, cats can be very picky, so it’s easier to get them to have oil than other forms of CBD.

Cat is under stress

Cat’s are easily stressed due to many catalysts such as fireworks or even thunderstorms. So if you feel your cat can do with some relaxation, then CBD is your answer. In this case, the vet would suggest smaller doses of CBD, especially if your cat doesn’t have a huge problem to be solved with CBD. 

Multiple cats in the house

Many cats in the house can cause anxiety and stress for each other. They may feel overwhelmed and need attention. When this happens, usually, it can lead to anxiety. A small dose of CBD should help them calm down. 

Consult the vet if you notice signs of your cats not eating their food properly, constantly hiding, or showing aggression towards the other cats. They may suggest that you put your cat on CBD to ease their behaviour, helping them get along with other cats in the household.

Adam Mulligan did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health and well-being.

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