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Does CBD Help Mental Health?

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CBD has become all the rage across the US, as well as around the world, with good reason. Not only has CBD been proven to work for a lot of health conditions, but it is also finding use and support in the mental health community. In order to fully understand the benefits of CBD, let us explore where it comes from and how it works within the body.

What Is CBD?

CBD is cannabidiol, which is a compound extracted from hemp plants. CBD is present in all cannabis plants, which is a family of plants that include hemp and cannabis sativa. Sativa is a plant that is cultivated for use in the medical marijuana industry, particularly due to the high levels of THC that it contains.

THC is also a compound of cannabis that is considered a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids have certain molecular distinctions that are exclusive to compounds from that plant family.

There are several cannabinoids, estimated around 400, and the two that we know the most about are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). One of these compounds has extraordinary therapeutic abilities and the other is a psychoactive compound that can cause reduction of cognitive abilities and essentially gives the brain an escape from reality. For some, this is a profound relief from pain in severe cases but generally isn’t necessary for all people to take CBD oil.

CBD can be extracted from hemp (because of the lower levels of THC) and easy removal of most THC Is possible when using hemp instead of sativa. Less than .03% THC is allowable in CBD oil sold on the market across the US. You can find CBD oil near you but we recommend buying them online instead.

CBD has nothing added to it unless the extraction method is via solvents. Most reputable companies do not use solvent extraction anymore. You should look for CO2 extraction method on the bottle or in an advertisement. This method only involves using carbon dioxide, which is completely harmless. 

The oil should be removed from the entire plant, not just parts of the plant if you are to get the most effective concentrations of CBD.

The amount of CBD in the leaves and stems is higher than in just the leaves or seeds, for example. An oil that has been extracted from the entire plant will be labelled as ‘full spectrum’ or sometimes as ‘whole plant’ and these types of oils are preferable.

How does it work?

When CBD enters the body, it seeks the endocannabinoid system (ECS), where it bonds to a receptor. CBD doesn’t bond with the receptors in the brain, which is why it doesn’t cause you to get high. THC, on the other hand, does bond to the receptors in the brain which is why it is the psychoactive compound that causes you to get high when using marijuana or oils from marijuana.

When CBD bonds with a receptor, they create a lipid which moves into the neural network. This network is the highway on which thoughts and stimulus impulses travel upon. If you receive a paper cut, the body sends multiple messages to the brain to let it know there is a wound, the brain reacts by sending messages to the appropriate systems to send extra white blood cells for healing, immune boosts, plasma that carries the white blood cells rushes to the area and you feel pain because that is the brain’s response to the stimulus.

CBD goes out into this same network of nerves and pathways and travels toward cells, where it will work to create homeostasis within them. This is basically a state of balance and wellness that you can consider equilibrium within the body, at a cellular level.  

As the lipid travels the neural network, it coats them and protects them. They get a protective armour to help keep them younger and strong. This helps you to retain memories longer and protect against injuries to the neural network and nerves in the body.

Additionally, the lipid is able to block things that are trying to reach the brain. Remember the pain message mentioned before? CBD, just like the kind at Vitaleafnaturals.com helps the body create lipids that block pain signals, but it blocks so much more than just pain.

The messages, in the form of negative thought patterns, can be blocked and help ease depression. CBD elevates moods and eases anxiety that often accompanies many mental health conditions.

In fact, anxiety is likely the biggest trigger for panic attacks, PTSD, and even bipolar symptoms to flare.

As if that were not enough, CBD is also capable of interacting with the body to produce more serotonin, which is the hormone largely responsible for your good moods and balance in your moods overall. Serotonin and dopamine are linked.

They have a symbiotic relationship. When one is too low, the other increases to make up the difference in the levels that are to be maintained. Imbalances of these hormones are the root cause of clinical depression, as well as other mental health disorders.

When it comes to availability of CBD produces, it is also worth considering that there is a low-cost full-spectrum CBD oil online

Compared to other methods of therapy

Medications that are often prescribed for mental health challenges are either addictive or take up to five weeks to begin having any impact at all. The beautiful benefit of CBD oil is that it works within minutes and you will feel the effects the very same day.

Most people report that they feel moods lifted within an hour to two hours and this makes a dramatic impact on their life. CBD is also not addictive, and you can use it when you need to and not worry about withdrawals if you stop using it for any reason.

James Wallace did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being. 

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