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The Truth About CBD Hemp Biomass

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The CBD hemp biomass refers to the whole hemp plant. The hemp biomass can be used for the production of a variety of products such as food, hemp fuels and energy, hemp oils and hemp fibre. For many years, numerous studies have been conducted regarding the hemp plant. This versatile plant can be used in almost all aspects of human life. In the food industry, in the medical sector and as a biofuel which is a good source of renewable energy.

The hemp biomass is derived from the non-GMO and organic hemp plant. The hemp biomass is organically grown and harvested. In the IHF Farms, the hemp plants do not require the application of the fertilisers or pesticides. The production of hemp biomass is friendly to the environment and helps in the conservation of the soil.

Here are the major uses of hemp biomass:


The hemp biomass is one of the biggest sources of fuel. However, it is the most under-exploited source of fuel. The hemp plant is rich in cellulose and fibre that can be used in the production of fuel and energy. The auto fuel derived from hemp biomass is converted to methanol or ethanol. This makes hemp a clean source of fuel compared to fossil fuels. It does not produce greenhouse gases such as carbon monoxide. Additionally, hemp seed oil can be used in the manufacturing of gasoline.


The middle part of the hemp plant stalk is known as hurds or shives. This part of the hemp plant is rich in cellulose, which is a carbohydrate. Due to its strength, it can be used to make hemp paper, building materials such as hempcrete and packaging materials. Additionally, the hurds can be used to produce hemp plastics that are used in making auto parts. The ancient Asian communities used the hemp to make ship parts.


The hemp biomass is popular for the production of hemp fibre. The hemp fibre has been used for centuries by the Asian communities. They used hemp fibre to make ropes used for boats and ships. This is due to its water resistance properties, strength, and durability. It is two times stronger than wood. The hemp fibre is resistant to rotting. The fibre is biodegradable which makes it environmentally friendly. More products made from hemp fibre are hemp insulation, hemp carpets, and fabrics.


The medicinal benefits of hemp are now evident. More and more people are becoming aware of the health and medical benefits of hemp. Companies have started the large scale production of hemp biomass. IHF CBD biomass is largely produced due for medicinal purposes and other uses, such as the extraction of CBD oil.

The CBD hemp biomass has been used for centuries for different purposes. It can be used for the making medicine, food (from the seeds and oils), and beauty products such as hemp oils and for the production of fibre and fabrics. Many who suffer from insomnia or anxiety have increasingly turned to CBD and cannabis products like those offered by Zamnesia to treat symptoms. The recent uses of hemp biomass is to produce energy and fuel to replace fossil fuels.

Helen Bradfield did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh.  She has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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