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CBD Gummies – Fact vs Fiction

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Everyone seems to be talking about CBD these days, and it’s no wonder why. CBD is a natural remedy that has been proven to help with a wide range of ailments from chronic pain to anxiety. With so many people looking for relief, the demand for CBD products has skyrocketed in recent years.

The problem is that not all information out there about this amazing plant-based medicine is accurate – which can lead consumers astray when they’re trying to make an informed decision on what product best suits their needs. In this blog post, we’ll outline some facts about CBD gummies and fiction so you can better understand how these candies fit into your wellness routine.

Here are five myths about CBD gummies that need busting now: 

CBD Gummies are just for people who want to get high

This is not strictly true: CBD gummies can help with a whole range of ailments, regardless of whether you’re looking for pain relief or stress management. While some consumers do buy these products because they provide psychoactive effects, the majority use them as medicine and don’t care about getting high at all.

Only certain kinds of gummy bears contain cannabinoids like CBD oil

Despite what many companies would lead their customers to believe, all regular-shaped gummy bears have this beneficial compound in them. The only difference between brands is how much they put into each bear, which affects efficacy but nothing else.

CBD gummies are addictive and dangerous to your health

There is no evidence that suggests we should be concerned about using these products, especially when you consider how many people buy them as medicine for pain relief or anxiety reduction – two conditions that can become severe if left untreated. If anything, they’re less harmful than other prescription drugs like Adderall but just as effective.

Hemp-derived CBD oil is better than cannabis-derived CBD oil

In actuality, there’s no difference between hemp-based and marijuana-based products aside from legality issues surrounding THC content in each product so this statement doesn’t hold up. The cannabinoid profile is identical, no matter where the oil comes from.

CBD gummies are not as effective as vaping or smoking cannabis products

This myth stems from a lack of understanding about how cannabinoids work in the human body; when you eat this type of candy it goes through your liver first before being broken down into its component parts which produce results that are just as potent but don’t come with some of the side effects associated with inhaling smoke directly into your lungs.

Knowing your CBD gummy bears from sweets-coated fiction

Everyone who uses CBD for wellness purposes should know all they can about these delicious treats so they can determine what works best for them. With this blog post, you have all the information you need to separate fact from fiction when it comes to CBD oil gummies and make a more informed decision on whether they’re right for your needs.

If you want to learn even more about these products, including where they come from, what conditions each type can treat most effectively, how long they take before producing results, etc.,

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