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CBD Gifts from TRIP for Anyone Who Needs to Relax This Christmas

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TRIP has levelled up the Ultimate CBD set with their new limited edition Good Energy candle so you can settle into your TRIP wind-down ritual this season. Set the mood with the oak, ebony and sweet spice candle, crafted to give you that Good Energy whenever you need it – Available only in exclusive bundles.

Ultimate CBD Set includes an elderflower mint, peach ginger, and lemon basil CBD drinks six pack, the orange blossom strong CBD oil, the best tasting CBD oil in the UK, and our new Good Energy candle.

Find your calm from am to pm with TRIP’s NEW bedside table accessory, here for a limited time.

Crafted by hand, the sky blue and cloud white oval jesmonite tray is the perfect place to leave your fave CBD oil.  Paired with TRIP’s best value Triple CBD oil pack, orange blossom and wild mint CBD oils bring you happy days and calm nights.

TRIP has levelled up their Double Down CBD oil pack with the BAND NEW limited edition Good Energy candle so you can go with the slow and take care of yourself this winter. 

Set the mood with the oak, ebony and sweet spice candle, crafted to give you that Good energy whenever you need it – available only in exclusive bundles.

Paired with UK’s two best-tasting CBD oils – orange blossom and wild mint CBD oils, for twice the calm infused with chamomile for its soothing and calming benefits.

Put the TRIP on ice and let the good times roll with this exclusive drinks bundle.

TRIP’s CBD drinks are crafted to help you relax and unwind into your best self and are made to be drunk ice cold. Inside there are four XL ice cubes to help cool your drink down so you can find your calm 

Kick back and enjoy taking pleasure in your leisure with an ice-cold mixed pack CBD drinks– elderflower mint, peach ginger, and lemon basil.

About TRIP

Founded by the husband-and-wife duo Daniel and Olivia, TRIP is Europe’s leading CBD brand. After meeting at Cambridge University, they discovered CBD in 2018 after Daniel sustained an injury that required knee surgery just weeks before their wedding. Told he wouldn’t walk down the aisle, Daniel tried CBD oil for rehabilitation and found amazing results with reduced inflammation and help with sleep. He had a miraculous recovery and danced crutches-free all night at the wedding.

They dove into researching CBD, especially after Olivia began using CBD to manage the everyday stresses of her career as a lawyer. After loving the results but hating the bitter tastes and inconvenient formats, Olivia decided to create something better, leaving careers in law and finance to create TRIP

Olivia wanted a product that would fit effortlessly into her lifestyle. Hopefully, many others too – that meant a product that looked premium, accessible, tasted delicious and, most importantly, made her feel great. TRIP was created to share calm in the chaos with products that taste as good as they make you feel.

TRIP was successfully included in FSA’s list of approved CBD brands announced in April. Navigating the regulatory landscape has been something TRIP has always focused on, with co-founder Olivia Ferdi ensuring regulatory compliance is a key priority for the brand, pioneering this new category.

TRIP stockists

TRIP has achieved significant market penetration since launch, globally stocked in several high-profile retailers, including Soho House and Erewhon in LA, Monoprix and La Relay in France, alongside UK partners including The Ivy, Brewdog, LEON, Benugo, Equinox, Sainsbury’s, Boots, Ocado, Selfridges, Harrods & Holland and Barrett. 

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© Copyright 2014–2023 Psychreg Ltd