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“CBA” Sick Days Predicted to Be the Next Big Workplace Trend in 2024

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Summer “siesta” lunch breaks, personality-based work schedules, “CBA” sick days. “Furwell” leave and “boomerang employees” are to be among the next big workplace trends in 2024, new predictions have revealed.

The research, conducted by management and sales training specialists at MTD Training analysed 50+ workplace trends that have appeared over recent years in a bid to predict which areas will continue to grow as well as which themes might be part of the next big changes to workplace culture.

The research was split into six sections: working hours; productivity; time off and sick leave; benefits; company culture; and career progression.

Below, Sean McPheat, founder and managing director at MTD Training, shares five of the key highlights for workplace trend predictions for Q3 2024 and beyond.

Prediction 1: Summer “siesta” lunch breaks

Many UK companies offer summer hours as an employee benefit; however, with warmer weather finally predicted for July (recent reports state an upcoming heatwave is expected to peak in the UK in mid-July, with highest temperatures of around 30C predicted), employers may look to consider longer lunch breaks during the warmer months so employees can make the most of the nice weather.

In many cultures around the world, siestas (a short early afternoon nap, commonly taken after lunch) are commonplace. Taking inspiration from the likes of Spain, we predict more UK businesses will offer this perk to their employees. While it is easiest for those who work from home (WFH), businesses at the forefront of this movement are already installing “sleep pods” at the office.

Prediction 2: Personality-based work schedules

The MBTI assessment is designed to help employees understand their strengths and weaknesses, their preferred working styles, and their potential. There are four different sections that make up the assessment: focus of attention (Extroversion [E] & Introversion [I]); information input (Sensing [S] & Intuition [N]); decision-making (Thinking [T] & Feeling [F]); and Lifestyle (Judging [J] & Perceiving [P]).

The results are split into 16 personality types, with each designed to help employees understand their own qualities and how these are perceived by others in a working environment and outside. As well as helping to ensure staff are in the right roles that will help their personality-type flourish in the workplace, we predict that managers will make further use of this insight by allowing their staff to work to bespoke schedules or personalised working patterns that best aid the strengths of their specific personality type.

Prediction 3: “CBA” sick days

National Sickie Day is the day most likely for employees to call in sick. While the exact date has changed over the years (from the first Monday of February in 2011 to Monday 16th September in 2019), it has been estimated that over 375,000 British workers call in sick on the day, whether that be down to real or fictional sickness.

Outside of statutory leave entitlement or sick leave, reset days (working days prioritising focused work, explicitly avoiding multitasking and distractions) are important for productivity. However, managers should consider that on some days, employees don’t have the energy or willingness to do productive work on a given day.

“CBA” (can’t be arsed) sick days could be the next big trend as employers expand their health and well-being policies. It can also work well for managers looking to increase the productivity of their staff and lean into a limited amount of “write-off” days where that just isn’t likely.

Prediction 4: “Furwell” leave

“Furwell” leave is an emerging trend in the workplace, offering formal bereavement leave for employees who have lost a pet. Pets often play a significant role in their owners’ lives, providing companionship, support, and joy. Recognising the emotional impact of losing a pet, “furwell” leave allows employees the necessary time to grieve without the added stress of work obligations. This is something we actively encourage at MTD (along with “pawternity” leave).

Incorporating “furwell” leave into company policies acknowledges the importance of pets in people’s lives and promotes a compassionate work environment. This initiative not only supports employees during difficult times but also reinforces a company’s commitment to their team’s overall well-being.

Prediction 5: “Boomerang employees”

“Boomerang employees” are people who quit their jobs and then return later, or those who return to a former employer after a hiatus, and this is something that is becoming more prevalent in today’s dynamic job market. Top reasons why employees return to their old stomping grounds include the appeal of familiarity, changes in personal and professional goals, the role of company culture and growth, potential financial benefits, and even missing old coworkers.

While many benefits, including faster onboarding, familiarity with the company culture and environment, fresh perspectives, increased loyalty, higher performance potential, and lower hiring costs – “boomerang employees” can pose challenges, it comes down to why they left the company, what they’ve been doing in the meantime, and why they’re returning.

Sean added, “As we look towards Q3 2024 and beyond, it’s evident that workplace trends are constantly evolving and changing. From the shift towards flexible working hours and the rise of the ‘WFH husband’ to innovative productivity strategies like Shoshin and the increasing importance of workplace culture, these trends reflect a dynamic work environment where adaptability is crucial. The predictions around career progression also highlight the importance of diverse skill sets and growth opportunities.

“At our core, we are committed to creating these very qualities in leaders and teams. As a management training and development company, we understand the significance of staying ahead of trends to develop a thriving workplace. Our programmes are designed to equip leaders with the necessary tools to take control of these changes, ensuring they can lead with confidence and adaptability”.

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