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To Understand the Cause of Infidelity, We Must Realise that Everyone Is Responsible

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Have you ever noticed some changes in your partner’s character and behaviour? Do you feel you’re not doing well enough or feel responsible to take your relationship to the next level?

If so, why not weigh your action and motives for that relationship once again – as many relationships and marriage have fallen down the drain.

What’s infidelity

What constitutes an infidelity is largely based upon exceptional expectations within the relationship. Though exclusivity expectations are commonly understood in marital affairs, as they are not always met.

Studies found that psychological damage can occur including lowering of sexual and personal trust, feeling of anger and damage to self-image as men and women can often experience societal cost if their action of infidelity becomes open with men engaging more on infidelity.

No one wants to contested whichever for or beside as this act habitually makes people feel jealous, not needed, incompetent, and angry. While suspicion which is the early sight is not a firm confirmation of disloyalty and cannot verify everything, it does affect a person’s sentimental feeling and cognitive condition; an example is discovering their partner had an affair in the prior 12 months; was associated with past-year major depressive episode and lower levels of marital adjustment

What the science says

According to Nichi Hodgson, author of The Curious History of Dating, women are more likely to link the idea of infidelity with a sense that they are taking something long overdue or deserved. Hodgson explains: ‘Even in these apparently liberated times, many of us grew up feeling we should behave in a certain way and not take sexual risks.’

The following are such signals to watch out for as a form of infidelity in a relationship; anger, feeling incompetence always, negative mental reactions and jealousy. If someone imagines that they are being cheated on, they begin to query their partner’s dealings and may perhaps operate in supplementary aggravated ways towards them than they in general wouldn’t, immediately, a one-time elegant respected dealing or feeling of ineptitude just for dishonesty of one partner.

This creates build-up and ultimately an emotional outbreak go bang over very slight matter. Therefore, in all this, the faithful partner is not normally aware that their doubt is the reason they feel incompetent in the relationship and do not expect to be so irritated by the change of simple things; making it an effective reaction in this stage of infidelity.

Rejuvenate the relationship

Studies have revealed that unmet emotional needs or feeling less, are important divorce causes in women and men. Each of men and women has own expectations toward their partner, that if have not been met, generate unsatisfactory feeling this sometimes are done through comparison and contracting which is a grave danger in relationship of any kind; if your partner or spouse doesn’t have or can’t provide all your desire, understanding will go a long way in managing such a situation or perhaps just let it go expecting better to come along.

Final thoughts

Blaming yourself, your partner, spouse or anyone else won’t change anything and it is just wasted energy when expectations are not met instead causes more relationship challenges and damages. In a case where there is suspiciousness without concrete evidence.

Try as much as possible not to feel you’re either right or wrong, if you can help the situation, good for you; if you can’t help then seek advice. It will only make you feel more helpless and bad about yourself and the other partner when insult, blame, and accusations are thrown.


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Onah Caleb is a a research assistant in Benue State University (Nigeria). He runs the blog KaylebsThought.


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