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Short REHIT Workouts Are Throwing Shade on Long, Boring, and Traditional Cardio Routines

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Dave Asprey, the Father of Biohacking, calls personalised workouts on the AI-powered CAROL bike a game-changer. Asprey says: ‘On a recent episode of his Bulletproof Radio podcast that intense, short personalised REHIT workouts on the CAROL bike get him better results than other cardio he’s tried. It is an exciting alternative to lengthy spin sessions and tiring HIIT sessions, ideal for anyone who wants to optimise their health and time.’

‘What many people think, and that is, straight-up cardio can be dull, time-consuming, and doesn’t work for them. Since he discovered REHIT (Reduced Exertion High-Intensity Interval Training), the CAROL bike is his go-to workout.’

Investing energy wisely and saving time is core to everything biohackers do. Asprey added: ‘I look at the return on investment in energy and then time and then money in that order in everything that I do. I want everyone to realise that if you invest less energy in exercise and get more return, you have more energy to manage your emotions and time. If you can make the body better at making energy, you have more energy.’

CAROL’s short personalised REHIT workouts are perfect for biohackers and the super-fit who are keen to use innovative scientifically proven tech products that push the boundaries of what we think is possible for our bodies to achieve. Working out on a CAROL bike gives you double the health and fitness gains in 20% of traditional exercise, with the progress that you can track.

Using AI to personalise each ride, REHIT workouts on CAROL take only eight minutes, 40 seconds with only two 20 seconds of hard sprints. You only need to do it three times a week to get optimal results with measurable results benefits. REHIT is an optimised form of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) that is more effective than conventional exercise but has previously not been available to consumers.

Ulrich Dempfle of CAROL explains how CAROL works: ‘REHIT sprints on CAROL very suddenly increase the energy demand in your body, 100 times higher compared to other exercises. With this spike in demand for energy, the muscles cannot use their usual source of fuel, which is either fat or sugar; it has to take energy from the bloodstream and burns what’s called muscular glycogen. Forcing the muscle to tap into those energy reserves kicks off a cascade of molecular changes that tells the body to get fitter and stronger.’

It sounds too good to be true, but all the CAROL bike benefits have been scientifically validated. Working out on CAROL for eight weeks will reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 62% (the same as taking Metformin), reduce blood pressure by 5%, reduce triglycerides by 10%, increase good cholesterol by 6% and reduce blood sugar by 2%.

According to a randomised controlled study in the Journal of American Heart Association, eight weeks of REHIT improves longevity by improving cardiorespiratory fitness (VO2max) and gives a 12% increase in VO2max; this is the maximum oxygen your body can use during exercise and is a standard measure of cardiorespiratory fitness.

The greater your VO2max, the more oxygen your body can take in, and the more effectively your body can use that oxygen.  This is important because our VO2max levels decline by 10% a year after 30, so eight weeks on CAROL effectively turns the clock back by 10 years.

As Ulrich Dempfle of CAROL says: ‘Over eight weeks you can achieve incredible health improvements, and you are dramatically cutting down the amount of time you need to exercises, and you’re buying back time in terms of longevity. It’s not just about feeling great though; the science backs it up.’

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