Carl Dutton


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Carl Dutton is a mental health nurse and psychodrama psychotherapist. He has been working in the NHS now for 33 years with my last 16 years at FRESH CAMHS. Carl has coordinated a specific service for asylum and refugee children based in schools which used art, psychodrama, music, sport and horticulture as its main therapies which was called The Haven Project. He has written about this and presented nationally and internationally about the use of creative therapies with children in the US, Finland, Norway and Latvia as well as around the UK.

He received his training as a psychodrama psychotherapist from Holwell International Psychodrama Centre, which is co-run by Marcia Karp and  Ken Sprague and also with the Northern School of Psychodrama. He recently been involved with colleagues from the North West Psychodrama Association in re-editing and producing key texts by Dr J. L. Moreno.

His specific interests are in the area of psychodrama theory, the use of horticulture as therapy, and the importance of taking therapy beyond the confines of the clinic space. Outside of work he likes to walk, whittle, listen to music, and do gardening.

Published: 13 June 2019

Last updated: 13 June 2019



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