Carine Lewis

Carine Lewis investigates improvisation and the effects it has on the way that we think. More specifically, her main research interests currently look at the impact of improvisation in relation to problem solving (convergent and divergent thinking), improvisation in relation to mood and nonverbal behaviour, as well as the role that creativity and cognition plays within Parkinson’s Disease.

Her specialities include cognition, convergent and divergent thinking, creativity, improvisation, Parkinson’s disease. Currently, she is a Psychology lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire. She lectures across Psychology including research methods and the Psychology of Performing Arts.

As cognitive researcher, Lewis, focuses on creativity as well the cognitive deficits that are present in Parkinson’s disease. She is a Joint Honours tutor for Psychology and a module leader for Academic Mind and Psychology of Performing Arts.

In August 2014, she left University of Hertfordshire to join Asthma UK as as Senior Analyst. You can follow her on Twitter @CarineLewis

Published: 05 March 2014

Last updated: 10 October 2016

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