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Clive Henry

Why Card Collecting Is Good for Your Mental Health

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Card collecting is one of the most therapeutic and rewarding pastimes of our generation. It is also one that has gained great popularity in recent years. In fact, over 4 million cards changed hands on eBay alone in 2020; with that figure continuing to skyrocket throughout 2021. In this article we’re going to explore a less talked about aspect of the hobby, which is the positive benefits on one’s mental health.

You see, as a professional card collector, I’ve experienced these benefits first-hand for many years. Let’s explore them one-by-one.

Trading cards give you purpose

Building an impressive collection of valuable trading cards has enabled me to pursue my passion, while generating a living. Not many people get to do what they enjoy for a job, but I am lucky enough to do just that with my website CardCollector.co.uk. I wake up on a Monday morning excited to get to work which gives me great purpose and peace of mind at the same time. Trading cards are great, because with the right education and understanding of what to acquire, you can collect valuable items that appreciate over time, which also helps with the feeling that you’re building for your future too.

The trading card community is thriving

Little known to people outside the hobby, but there is a vast community of like-minded individuals that you can build friendships and connect with both on and offline. Whether it’s through social media (I’m very active on Instagram) or in person at trading card shows, the potential to make friends and converse over a mutual interest is endless. For those who wish they had more peers or perhaps feel alone sometimes, card collecting is a great way to build new relationships.

Trading cards can give you a big dose of nostalgia

My specialism when it comes to collecting trading cards is Pokémon. I loved the franchise as an eleven-year-old kid, and I love it even more now! What’s extremely powerful though, is the sense of nostalgia it provides. I often liken collecting vintage Pokémon cards to a time machine, because quite frankly, nothing takes me back to my childhood as brilliantly as this! Seeing old card artworks again, appreciating my complete collections, and even opening 20+ year old booster packs. It really is something wonderful to experience, and in terms of mental health, always gives me a massive lift. 

Opening packs is incredibly exciting

Speaking of opening packs, this is yet another incredible aspect of the hobby. Nothing beats the excitement of opening a sealed pack or booster box and pulling good cards. Now I’m going to add an important caveat here, because a big old hit of dopamine can become addictive, so as long as the collector is in control of themselves and their money, then in my book it’s a positive experience. As a professional card collector I always try to educate my audience on not only what they should invest in, but how to invest in Pokémon cards too. This helps to ensure opening packs is fun, rewarding, and safe.


It’s been my experience that the simple things in life are often the most enjoyable. What started as a little trip down memory lane, ended up in me discovering my career and passion at the same time. 

I’ve made like-minded friends and built a thriving community along the way. Because of card collecting, I’m a happier more fulfilled individual.

If you’re looking for a rewarding hobby that can also improve your mental wellbeing too, card collecting a great niche to explore.

Clive Henry is a professional card collector from Texas.

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