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5 Essential Tools for Cannabis Harvest and Storage

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Marijuana has been around for thousands of years. The plant can grow to about five meters in height in the wild. However, it has evolved to become a popular remedy for most chronic ailments. With the ease of the stringent laws in most states, you can now grow a few plants at home. You should understand the growth process and acquire the essential tools for a successful harvest.

How can I organize for the harvest?

You have invested a lot of time and money in your plants, and you want to get the best yields. It’s then best to plan for the harvest accordingly.

First, check out https://apotforpot.com/blogs/apotforpot/how-to-harvest-weed-a-step-by-step-guide/ for harvesting tips. Know when to harvest your weed and what to look out for. 

Also, acquire all the necessary tools and set up a drying place. Hung lines and set up fans to help in humidity control. Moreover, clean the trimming workspace, clean the traps and have them ready. You’ll need them to set up the plants and catch the trimmings and buds. You can as well plan for a few friends or family members to help out.

What tools do I need?

  • Pocket microscope. You don’t want to miss the optimal harvest window. Use a microscope to inspect the trichomes; they change the colour when the buds mature, indicating the time for harvest. The trichomes are very tiny, and you won’t see them with naked eyes. It’s best to harvest when the trichomes are cloudy, and the microscope helps you check their progress.
  • Disposable gloves. Harvesting marijuana is a sticky affair, and the resin on the plants can get all over your hands and storage surface. If you don’t have quality gloves, you’ll have to keep rubbing alcohol on your hands to eliminate the gluey substance out of your hands. You may also contaminate your buds with bacteria and germs. Therefore, acquire enough disposable gloves.
  • Traps. Traps are handy during marijuana harvest. You can use a clean cloth or blanket, but the trimmings are sticky and will glue on your fabric. Clean the traps and use them to lay the trimmings as you trim and prepare them for drying.
  • Garden shears. Acquire heavy-duty garden shears for trimming your plants. The size of the shears will depend on the size of the plants. Choose shears with sharp blades; they will help in cutting the bud into shape. Also, the resin will likely accumulate on your shears and decrease its performance. Have at least two pairs and choose ones with a coating on the blades. They are easy to clean, and you won’t need alcohol to clean them up.
  • Curing jars. Classic mason jars are the best for curing weed. They feature strong glass and a heavy lid. They are also airtight, thanks to their rubber ring and wire bracket. Have as many as possible depending on the amount of harvest.


Harvesting cannabis is fun, and you’ll feel that sense of satisfaction cutting off your buds. However, you need the right tools to ease the process. Acquire quality harvesting accessories and use gloves to avoid contaminating the buds.

Helen Bradfield did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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