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The Role of Cannabis in Anxiety and Depression

Wendy Whitehead

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Cannabis is one of the hottest debates going in the world. Some countries have legalised medical cannabis while others are considering doing it. However, there are some countries that have legalised it downright.

Fortunately, more studies have been based on medical cannabis and some have been positive in many ways. Most importantly, medical cannabis can help in many ways when it comes to physical and mental health.

The benefits

1. It is proved to be an ideal pain reliever. Some studies have indicated that medical cannabis can help you to relieve pain in many ways. Chronic pain can be dealt by using this product. It has been shown that pain during movement can be reduced to a great extent by utilising this product.

2. Cancer-related symptoms can be either reduced or even eliminated by consumption of cannabis. It can be consumed in many ways such as direct intake through mouth, application of oil or injecting it in your blood. Nevertheless, symptoms that are related to cancer can be treated by cannabis.

3. Reduction in acne. This is another benefit that can be accessed by those individuals who have the problem of acne. There are many elements within cannabis itself that can help in reducing the problems related to acne. Skin gets clearer and less prone to external damages.

Can it treat anxiety and depression?

There are hundreds of benefits that have been proved by the medical authorities. You can get to know more about this on Mission Organic Center. However, one of the major questions which is faced by some of the medical professional is – Can medical cannabis treat anxiety and depression?

Analysis of many studies has shown that chronic stress and chronic pain can help in increasing depression. This directly means that cannabis can be a helpful product to reduce depressive symptoms. Moreover, anxiety and depression are usually treated by different drugs prescribed by medical professionals.

Cannabis oil is proven to be an effective remedy to treat anxiety and depression in an effective manner. Studies have shown that group that consumed cannabis had significantly less anxiety. The people on whom studies were conducted even passed the public speaking test with good results. This is indicative of the proposition that anxiety and depression can in effect be treated through medical cannabis. Several animal-based studies have even shown that cannabis can have effects just like anti-depressants.

The bottom line

There is no doubt to the proposition that cannabis can have impact in a positive manner. Medical institutions are now considering it to be a positive remedy for many other problems. However, there is some caution to be exercised. Usage of cannabis can only be positive if the consumer wants it to be positive. There are many side-effects as well if consumed in the wrong manner. Dosages are to be prescribed and then consumed accordingly or else it can have an impact that can be harmful in a physical and mental manner.

Wendy Whitehead worked as a teaching assistant at two special needs schools in London before embarking on a different career as a marketing consultant. 

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