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Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Cannabinoids: Can You Take Too Much

James Wallace

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Now that many US states have legalised CBD for the people to see who are going through various terminal diseases. At the same time, the concern about CBD is also rising. As many people slowly start to find valuable information about full-spectrum CBD oil from their doctor or from the internet. That is why the popularity of CBD is also seeing a huge number compared to the past decades, where there was less information available to the people. Now thanks to the internet, more and more people are showing interest in the subject of CBD.

This has also helped the researchers to put their time on the subject to find more valuable information out of full-spectrum CBD oil, compared to the other drugs, the research that is being done for CBD is less. But it is slowly picking up steam in the scientific research field. For the most part, the drug is still unknown to the people. The information that is available, comes from small scale research papers. They all have shown positive signs on the effects of full-spectrum CBD oil on the side effects that come from a terminal disease, here is a good source: https://biomdplus.com/product/natural-hemp-oil-full-spectrum/

Full-spectrum CBD oil: The research

The research paper got started when the hemp bill passed in the court of law in the year 2018, which allowed the citizens of multiple states to grow hemp-derived products and sell them. This bill opened up a new system business in the market, as many farmers started hemp farming in their area. To start hemp farming they have to get permits from the state. One of the stringent rules that citizens in most of the states have to follow, is the limitation of THC in the CBD bottle. The THC amount has to stay under the 0.3% mark, anything below that is acceptable, but anything over that will be deemed as a violation of the law. This rule has applied to many states’ policies towards full-spectrum CBD oil or hemp-derived products. 

Even for hemp-derived farming, the plants have to stay under the 0.3% THC limit, otherwise, they have to get destroyed. Once a farmer decides to grow hemp-derived plants, they will need to hire an inspector office to check the limitation of THC in the plant. Once the inspector finds the plant suitable, then the plants will have the right to get sold into the public. 

Another major issue is the penalty, most states are a little bit vague when it comes to laying out all the information regarding full-spectrum CBD oil that is why people who are interested in buying CBD, must follow all the guidelines that have been set up by the law. Once they match the requirements for the CBD, they will have the right to get the drug.

And always asking for a doctor’s permission will be the best approach to this problem.  Make sure you take everything your doctor has to say about full-spectrum CBD oil and the details about the dosages that you have to take in every single day.

Can you take too much full-spectrum CBD oil?

CBD is made of hemp-derived products, which has less than 0.3% THC in them. That means you are not going to get the psychoactive element by consuming full-spectrum CBD oil. taking too much CBD won’t kill you, but it will be uncomfortable. CBD is non-toxic, and it has the components that are helpful if you are going to have certain side effects from other diseases. 

That is why many patients get a recommendation from their doctor before going out to buy full-spectrum CBD oil for their health. While there is a large dosage of full-spectrum CBD oil you can take without a doctor’s prescription. But the outcomes will not be lethal but it will be very unpleasant. The side effects of CBD is not dangerous, some of them include:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Changes in appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea

Steps to follow after too much much consumption

These are the effects you will feel if you consume beyond 1500 mg CBD in a single sitting or in a day. You are bound to feel one of these effects. As you can tell it will not be dangerous for your health, but it will make you more sleepy and drowsy the whole time after consumption of full-spectrum CBD oil. These effects have a temporary clock attached to them, these side effects tend to disappear after 4–8 hours. 

The worst thing you can do when you are going through these side effects is to panic or stress yourself out. Make sure to avoid these two costs. Dry mouth will be one of the symptoms you will be facing during these effects, so make sure to drink enough water, eat something to have your stomach full. 

As long as you find a way to distract yourself from the effects, you will be fine. Many people who consume too much full-spectrum CBD oil, will watch a movie, and drink enough water to avoid their brain from focusing on the effects. If they feel too tired, which will happen, then taking asleep will be one of the best options. 

As you can tell, none of these is serious, but consuming too much will result in you having an awful time. That is why it is crucial to consult your doctor first and to get the information about the proper dosage that you should take in a day. If you found yourself in this position of consuming way too much full-spectrum CBD oil, then you can follow the methods above to calm yourself down.


These are some of the things that you will go through when you consume way too much full-spectrum CBD oil in your body. While the effects of consuming too much full-spectrum CBD oil are not life-threatening but it will make you feel bad and do so the entire time. This will go on for the next 5 – 8 hours. That is why people find new ways to distract themselves from the effect, as many people would rather hit the sack than walking around the house. Sleepiness is also part of the effects that come with taking too much full-spectrum CBD oil in the system. Make sure to ask the doctor’s prescription before going out taking as much pill as your body can take.


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