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From Cancer to CEO: How Cancer Led to Creation

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Ayanay is dedicated to supporting therapeutic professionals and focused on improving the client experience.

The term ‘Ayanay’ refers to people who are trailblazers, torch-bearers, researchers, teachers – and those who show others the way. They are leaders, motivators and idealistic visionaries who are self-aware.

Ayanay was founded by myself and restructured into its current model, in April 2018, after receiving a diagnosis of cancer in January 2018. The diagnosis, treatment and recovery meant my private counselling and psychotherapy practice went into suspended animation.

This resulted in time to create and develop ideas, around how the therapeutic industry can unite, grow, and develop. These are not just for the professionals, but for the service of those that seek the support of therapists, counsellors and coaches – the clients.

Being diagnosed with colon cancer in January 2018, aged 50 was a shock, but throughout the process of diagnosis and two major surgical procedures, my conscious awareness and belief systems, aided me to manage my feelings and made the entire process much easier. I promised myself, that no matter what I felt or thought going through this, that I would be accepting of every single situation and feeling and that I would absolutely get through this period of life.

I spent 10 days recuperating from major surgery in April 2018, when I had 50 per cent of my colon removed, unfortunately after surgery, the remainder of my colon, went into shock and went into shut down. The term is ileus.

This led to a severe impact on my kidneys as they began to fail, without either my knowledge or the medical team, until a week later when further tests were completed. Throughout all of this, my self-awareness reminded myself daily, that tomorrow would be easier, that I had survived the surgery and recuperation was a phase, albeit difficult, the cancer was contained and removed.

I had further intensive surgery nine weeks later, but throughout all of this, myself and Dave Sleet were talking about how to change the world of individuals working with vulnerable individuals and Ayanay in its current form, began to emerge.

Understanding the unconscious, and learning to be self-aware is an art in itself, but the results of utilising self-awareness are profound, not just for individuals, but within the relationships around us. Without my self-awareness I am absolutely positive I would not have turned a life-threatening situation into a positive new way of business. The power of the mind, alongside the body are as intertwined as the human race.

Ayanay is the collaborative efforts of two companies APS Psychotherapy & Counselling and Hive Group UK, which came together early in 2018. The collaboration with Hive Group, gives Ayanay a truly unique set of skills. Linking the therapeutic, counselling, and coaching worlds together in a way that has not been seen before, in the UK.

With Hive Group Managing Director David Sleet, (author of ‘The Psychological Hive – Connectivity For Success’), accepting the role of Managing Director of Ayanay, our whole existence is testimony to the power of collaboration.

We are currently running events with Irvan Yalom across the UK, an icon of the therapy world, live streamed from the US among other events advertised on our website.

We believe in learning the core skills of our own resilience, but also increasing others self-awareness to allow their lives to be managed from an autonomous and creative place and creating collaborations from clients to business.

Siobhain Crosbie is an experienced therapist practising psychotherapy for almost 20 years in private practice. 

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