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Can Wellness Breaks Be Affordable?

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Mental health is a conversation that requires continued awareness and support, especially with the NHS helping 5 million patients access care in 2022–23, which is an increase of more than a million in half a decade. This is where wellness breaks and retreats have gained traction, with the most significant drawback being their association with being expensive and out-of-reach for everyday working people.

But with so many searching for a way to reduce levels of stress and improve their mental health, is there a way to make wellness breaks affordable? There are several ways to make sure the allure of a spa escape or a yoga and meditation cleanse doesn’t break the bank. From staycations to mindfulness experiences, there are plenty of ways to keep wellness breaks budget-friendly.

Staying domestic: staycations, local areas, and more

Wellness breaks are often associated with going overseas to quiet islands or exotic locations for a complete cultural reset, but there are plenty of locations on British shores that can give you that same disconnect from day-to-day life as getting on a plane can.

No matter what backdrop for your trip that you’re searching for, be it taking a bike to the rolling hills of the countryside or seaside cottages on the coast, there are a tonne of locations to choose from. These areas aren’t just incredibly scenic but also provide a range of activities to help draw your mind from anxieties and worries, which can be walks in nature, local meditation sessions, mountain bike excursions, and meals made with locally sourced ingredients.

Ben Mercer, mountain bike enthusiast and director at Leisure Lakes Bikes, is a huge advocate for using cycling as a means of making the most of a domestic wellness break: “The benefits of cycling for both physical and mental wellbeing are well-documented and no matter where you are in the UK, there will be established routes and hidden gems for you to discover. Whether that’s riding alongside coastal dunes or through the countryside, it’s a great way to unwind and disconnect from the outside world.”

Plus, booking well in advance often means avoiding last-minute costs, which can see prices skyrocket and give you plenty of time to set aside funds for the break. This way, you’ll get to immerse yourself in the environment and reconnect with yourself without worrying about spending or finances.

Affordable international escapes

For those seeking a total disconnect from the UK, there are plenty of affordable international options both within Europe and further afield. Keeping it affordable could mean exploring travel options that break up your journey into multiple connecting flights. Alternatively, for locations like Paris, Amsterdam, or Brussels, taking the Eurostar rather than flying could be a huge cost-saver.

There are also countries that place an emphasis on holistic living, like Thailand, Mali, and India, which all offer a range of wellness retreats, with some falling within budget-friendly prices. While they might feel more of an investment than locations in the UK or Europe, the experiences offered are a true immersion in wellness and internal healing.

A few ideas for a more affordable wellness break

Using resources and platforms available like TripAdvisor can help budget-conscious travellers discover their next getaway, and there are plenty of filters to figure out which trip is right for you. While some of these won’t pique your fancy, here are a few locations we found that can help you reconnect with yourself without breaking the bank.

Mexico isn’t just stunning beaches, food you need to taste to believe, and raucous nightlife; it also has some of the top-rated wellness escapes in the world. One that leads the way in this category of resorts is Akumal Bay Beach & Wellness Resort, which boasts more than 10,300 reviews on TripAdvisor for a 5/5 status, and you can book a week in for as low as £312 per night for two adults.

Mauritius is another location that has plenty of suites and stunning sands to reconnect with your inner self, and the Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Wellness Resort is a fantastic example of what you get from the country and its resorts. With around 4,500 reviews that contribute to a positive score of 5/5 on TripAdvisor, you can book for as low as £198 per night at the resort, meaning you can get plenty of R&R on your escape without concern over the financials.

Wellness breaks aren’t just reserved for people with expendable income, as there are plenty available that can be both affordable and inclusive. Changing the perception of what wellness breaks are and how accessible they are will help improve the approach to self-care that the public takes, which can help improve mental and physical well-being all around. 

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