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Can Throwing Shoes Help Improve Your Shot-Put Scores?

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Success in shot-put requires the best shoes which not only give you flexibility, but also a good grip on the ground which is imperative to your success in this sport. In any competitive sport, one has to have the right equipment and gear not only to make the sport enjoyable and safe but also to increase the chances of the best results. The goal is to be as competitive as possible by being the best at it in terms of the score. Shot put is a highly competitive sport whereby success in it is determined by factors such as technique, and gear. This is because the basis of the sport involves throwing or putting a spherical weight from the shoulder to the longest distance possible. The score is measured by the distance that the spherical weight travels. The standard weight for men is 16 pounds or 7.26kgs and for women, it’s 8.8 pounds or 4 kgs. To get better at any sport, having the right gear like the right shoes is crucial to one’s success. This leads to the question of whether throwing shoes can help improve their hot-put scores. Let’s look into some of the ways that throwing shoes can help in improving one’s shot put scores.

Good throwing shoes that are lightweight and do not add any unnecessary weight to your feet. The show being lightweight allows for the thrower to build momentum in every throw increasing the chances of a great score. The throwing shoes have to allow manoeuvrability around a circle to allow for any movement one is required to make when doing the throw. A shoe that gives one a solid base and anchor to the ground then allows one to be able to throw the shot-put as far as possible. The important thing to note is that the technique required for rotation must have a tight grip on the ground. This is because the throwing shoes are made with such a large contact area with the ground. The shoe must have a flat and smooth shoe bottom, this is to ensure that the thrower can be able to execute the spins more smoothly which will be noted in the scoreboard. The flat and smooth bottom also reduces the chances of injury because of the traction.

In looking for the best throwing shoes, considering the materials is crucial, this is because all the weight will be anchored downwards in generating momentum. Throwing shoes which are made of synthetic materials are comfortable to wear and shift focus from your feet to your hands and shoulders as you can make much better throws and significantly improve your shot-put scores. The material which is synthetic fibre allows for better rotation and also aids in movement as you make your throws.  This is because the fibre wraps the shoe tightly. Another aspect of the shoes is that they are breathable, this is because they have small holes on the front which allow for the circulation of air. This means that the feet do not get too hot and sweaty which can make them slippery. The fabric used can suck in sweat keeping the feet dry since sweaty feet increase the chances of slipping and injuring yourself. The fact that throwing shoes have straps that are combined with laces to hold the feet together so that it does not move around affects the quality of the throw.

Shoe manufacturers over the years have perfected the art of making throwing shoes by considering everything. This is because different shot-put throwers have different needs when it comes to shows. This is why having a pair of shoes capable of throwing shoes in different situations is crucial to the score one gets. There are rotational throwers and there are regular throwers and the score they get regardless of the technique depends on the kind of throwing shoes they have. A tight and fit throwing shoe is what is required to aid in the overall throwing performance. The main determining factor is comfortability in the shoes because if your feet do not feel comfortable then the chances of performing well are greatly affected. The movements should not be hindered in any way and one should not feel like they are forcing their movement or positioning of their feet.

In conclusion, a sure way of improving scores has to start with good throwing shoes. To find out more about the different types and sizes of throwing shoes check out Velaasa for the best throwing shoes which can be worn all year round.

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