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Can I Put Braces if My Teeth Have Craze Line?

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If you have the problem of teeth misalignment then orthodontic treatment is a nice option. This treatment helps to correct the teeth misalignment problems and improve the quality of your smile. Although different orthodontic treatment methods like Metal braces, Ceramic braces, Lingual braces, etc. are used for correcting the teeth misalignment, clear aligners are in high demand. Clear aligners are also called invisible orthodontic braces, as they are not easily visible because of transparency. The duration of any orthodontic treatment is generally more. However, transparent orthodontic braces like clear aligners can get the results faster. 

Some people have the problem of crazy lines on the teeth which is generally the initial stage of the cavity development on teeth. This makes many people wonder whether they can go for invisible dental braces options when they have crazy lines on their teeth.

What are teeth craze lines?

Teeth craze lines are the small vertical lines on the teeth that erodes the enamel. These craze lines further cause stains and decay the teeth. These lines can either happen at the front or backside of the teeth. 

What are the causes of the craze lines on the teeth?

Craze lines can happen due to different reasons and it can be one or a combination of multiple reasons.

Here are some of the causes of the craze lines:

  • Uneven bite. If the biting of the food is uneven then there can the craze lines on the teeth. Here, the teeth usually do not meet when the mouth is shut.
  • Grinding or clenching of teeth. The upper teeth and lower teeth push together when there is the clenching of the teeth. This grinding and clenching can lead to craze lines on the teeth.
  • Eating cold objects. Eating cold objects with teeth can cause craze lines on the teeth. So, instead of eating the cold objects, they must be sucked properly.
  • Bad habits. There are some the bad habits that can cause the craze lines on the teeth problem. Nail biting, opening bottles with the teeth, etc. are some bad habits that can cause the problem of craze lines on the teeth. 

Is it possible to go with the braces treatment if there are craze lines on teeth?

Generally, it is not advisable to go for orthodontic treatment when there are craze lines on the teeth. If braces are put on during craze lines then teeth may decay further which can decay the tooth more. So, it is important to get proper treatment for the craze lines on the teeth. Once the craze lines are reduced or eliminated from the teeth, there are very lesser chances of teeth getting decayed. This will also help to achieve proper teeth alignment.

How to treat craze lines on the teeth?

Generally, it is better to visit a dental expert for the treatment of craze lines on the teeth surfaces. They can use the proper method for the treatment to reduce or eliminate the craze lines.

Here are some ways to treat craze lines on the teeth:

  • Using of the whitening strips properly on the craze lines
  • Use of proper whitening toothpaste
  • Going through the whitening treatment from the dental expert
  • Using the composite resin for filling the craze lines
  • Use of the chemical stain remover
  • Use of the mechanical stain remover
  • Using hydrogen peroxide for the cleaning of the craze lines on the teeth

Invisible orthodontic braces can help you to restore the aesthetic appearance of the teeth and smile. Braces treatment like transparent orthodontic braces can give full-fledged whiter teeth with proper teeth alignment only after treating the craze white lines. Usually, craze lines are painless, so many people tend to neglect it. However, getting the treatment early is very important. Get proper consultations from the dental experts for getting Orthodontic treatment to get straighten the teeth.

Expert opinion

When you have the craze line on the teeth, it is not possible to get direct braces treatment. Remove craze lines properly with a better method to achieve proper teeth appearance.

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