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Can Online Dating Services Help You Find Your Soulmate? 

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Statista’s Digital Market Outlook estimates that online dating services will have attracted 280 million active users by the end of 2024. The majority of the users are seeking long-term relationships. As people get busier, online dating services, such as those listed on sfgate.com, have become the primary connection for people seeking a soulmate. 

Online dating services can help you find your soulmate because millions of people use the same services to find love. Online sites use psychological tools to assess and link people with shared goals, family values, and interests. So, you get to choose the person with whom you are most compatible.  

With online dating services, you get to choose someone with the qualities you are looking for in a soulmate. Instead of settling with what you get, as has been the case with traditional dating, online dating gives you a chance to check thousands of profiles, connect with as many people as you need to, and finally choose the right life partner. 

How to find a soulmate on online dating services

You would think finding a soulmate on online dating services would be easy considering the millions seeking love. Unfortunately, while online dating sites and apps have made it easier to meet, finding a soulmate is more difficult. 

You can narrow your search and draw the attention of your soulmate online by having a great dating profile. 

  • Use a recent photo that shows your best facial attributes.
  • Go for a happy face instead of a sexy pout. Most people searching for love seek someone who will bring a smile to their faces, and a majority would be drawn to a profile of some with a perceived warm personality.
  • Instead of cliche statements, write something likely to be a conversation starter. 
  • Be honest. If you are looking for a soulmate, you don’t want to lose someone you worked so hard to find over a few lies here and there. Dishonesty has no place in online dating, especially if you seek more than a casual hookup. 
  • Be specific on what you want. People seeking soulmates do not have time for games. They hope to find someone with shared interests from the get-go. So, ensure you say the kind of person you want so that others looking at your profile can decide if they fit in with the image of your preferred soulmate or not.
  • Have fun. While finding a soulmate is serious business, it doesn’t have to be stiff. Chances are you will go through several dating profiles before you find someone you want to chat with for hours. So, why not have a good time while at it? Even if you only get to find one person who checks everything you want in a soulmate, you may make a few friends from those who did not get to the finish line.

Signs you have found your soulmate

The challenge with online dating is the risk of searching for a person with a better dating profile even when you have found someone who may be your soulmate. Sometimes you may not find someone who checks all the boxes of what you need in a soulmate. However, you might find someone who fulfills you.

Here are signs that you have found your soulmate:

  • You feel it in your gut. If someone is your soulmate, you will know it. You will count the hours until you chat with them. The person’s presence energizes you. You are giddy with love when thinking of them, and the connection you have with this person is distinctly different from that with others you have encountered on online dating services. 
  • You cannot wait to share the achievements and difficulties in your life. Even though you have not met the person physically, they suddenly become your best friend. You want to share your joys and sorrows. They are the first one that comes to mind when something life-changing occurs, and you just can’t wait to tell them. 
  • You feel extreme empathy for the person. If they have a bad day, you feel like yours is ruined too. You are emotionally connected to their feelings at all times, both joy and sorrow. 
  • Your personalities form the perfect balance. Soulmates don’t have to have everything in common. Sometimes, they have clashing personalities, but each balances the other out. One may be stormy, and the other the one who calms the storm. Your interdependence may be what connects you two. 

Thousands of people have found their soulmates through online dating services. Going out hoping to meet ‘the one’ doesn’t always work out. Fortunately, more people are taking a positive outlook on online dating. You lose nothing for trying. You just might find your soulmate.

David Tobin did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He is interested in mental health and well-being.

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