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How Can Empowerment Help You?

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Women Warriors Network (WWN) was created to inspire women who would class themselves as ordinary. The reality is, these women are extraordinary in business and life every day. 

WWN was founded in the middle of the pandemic when, without choice, I had to put my health and well-being retreats on hold.

During the lockdown, I realised there were many women who needed people and networks to support them during exceptionally challenging times. Women homeschooling, working from home, and trying to keep sane – so many struggled mentally. 

Pre-Covid, my life was teaching Pilates on a one-to-one basis and classes, and delivering Healthy Mind and Body Retreats abroad. Suddenly I lost everything. The pandemic has affected all industries, but it had a bigger impact on specific sectors like the health and fitness industry, which was hit hard as gyms closed and you couldn’t train one-to-one. My health retreats were all cancelled and are still uncertain until travel resumes. I am hoping my Cyprus retreat in November will go ahead.

Like many fitness professionals, I did some online free classes on a regular basis, but I think it was more for my sanity, to get me up, dressed, and motivated to do a session, regardless of who was tuning in. But when you have the gorgeous young influencers who pop up, looking great, we old-timers, although experienced trainers, do not get a look in. With absolutely no income for over a year, I always stay positive. I have an incredible family and amazing friends, so I am always grateful for what I have, which is a lot more than some. 

With my warrior attitude, it led me to set up the Women Warriors Network. It exists to bring together inspirational women and men who support, motivate, and change people’s lives. The platform allows you all to connect with other people outside of your day-to-day networks. I was hoping to engage with approx 20–30 people, but the growth is extraordinary as each event attracts around 800–1,000.

WWN virtual gathering provides an opportunity for people to learn and develop new skills, attitudes, and behaviours so they can become even more extraordinary. It is a ‘power hour’ for incredible women to empower others by sharing their incredible stories.  

I love making things happen. The last event attracted over 1,000 sign-ups: ‘Female Leadership vs Male Leadership’. The speakers are incredible. I have had speakers including a Princess from Kuwait, Housewives of Jersey Hedi Green, Linda Plant The Apprentice, Sarah Newman Dragons Den Investor Ireland, editor-in-chief from Monaco Life.

My goal is to attract more women (supermen too) to increase female leadership and give women opportunities to connect with other people outside of their networks.

I would also like to give businesses the opportunity to hold bespoke events, where I supply the speakers and the audience. Hopefully, when things settle down in the world, we will be hosting in Monaco, UAE, Jersey, and London.

The next Women Warriors Network event is on the 28th July ‘Opportunities and Challenges for Women in Business.’

It is a non-profit organisation, so I am still making no money, but I am loving the experience of connecting these incredible women and men. Women lead, men engage. 

The Soap Co will be sponsoring WWN, and I hope I can grow WWN into a global network. 

Sandy Donnelly is a passionate advocate for healthy living, female entrepreneurship, and empowerment. 

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