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Callum Mogridge is one Psychreg’s correspondent. He is a psychology graduate based at the University of Manchester. Callum is going on to study his MSc with the University of Manchester’s Alliance Manchester Business School in September 2019 in Organisational Psychology. He is also an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

He has done extensive work in the domains of peer support and widening participation to higher education. Callum has led an award-winning peer mentoring scheme to 270 first-year students. He also sits on panels and works with the Division of Psychology and Mental Health to host welcome days for pupils from underrepresented areas in Manchester. Callum also advises on staff development and pedagogy in the Faculty of Biology, Medicine, and Health at his institution.

Callum has previously been a research assistant investigating the effects of post-encoding psychosocial stress on episodic memory and another investigating sexual evolution and how self-perceived dominance influences dominance-threat detection in others. He is currently working as a research assistant on two projects. One of which investigating qualitative experiences of student sex workers and the other analysing the influence of different variables in labour market discrimination for homosexual men.

His primary research interests focus on labour market discrimination for minority groups. Callum’s recent dissertation was titled: An investigation into religious fundamentalism and its influence on labour market access for homosexual applicants as a function of implicit attitudes towards minority sexual orientations.

His other research interests centre around implicit attitudes, personality and cognitive traits, especially in applied social psychology domains. He is also interested in LGBT-focused research, environmental psychology, languages, and pedagogy.

Beyond this, Callum is passionate about social responsibility and sustainability, as well as student experience in higher education. He is keen to promote student experiences in the teaching of psychology and how to better the discipline from a student perspective.

You can connect with Callum on: Twitter @callum_mogridge, ResearchGate, and LinkedIn.

Published: 20 April 2019

Last updated: 14 August 2019




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