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Call for Papers: Special Issue of Health


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Deadline for papers: 15 January 2018

Date of publication: January or February 2019

The call for papers (CfP) for the special issue of the journal Health invites submissions of papers that explore social processes involving environment and human health. Our objective is to produce an issue of the journal comprising research articles at the cutting edge of social analysis of the interactions between environment and human health.

The interactions between the natural environment and human health increasingly have become the focus of social analyses and scrutiny, and are the subject of national and local policy initiatives around environmental protection and sustainable development. Social research has shown how human health may be threatened by environmental factors, such as air or water pollution and by climate change impacts, such as flooding and heat waves. Meanwhile, improvements in health threaten the environment through population growth, greater longevity of life, and health technology developments.

Research further indicates how improving the environment can enhance human health, for instance through clean water and food security, while initiatives can also reduce the environmental impact of healthcare, such as preventing run-off from pharmaceutical production. There has been increasing interest in ‘co-benefits’ associated with programmes designed to address environmental issues, for example, energy efficiency schemes having positive effects upon health.

Papers are invited that address one or more of the following:

  • Social theories of environment and human health and/or well-being.
  • Climate change and human health.
  • Human rights, environment, and health.
  • Environment and public health
  • Public policy and/or governance on health and environment
  • Beyond human impacts: rethinking environmental health.


Papers may be submitted electronically from 14 July 2017 until the deadline of 15 January 2018 to the Manuscript Central website at:

To submit your manuscript to the Special Issue, choose the title of the Special Issue from the Manuscript Type list in Step 1. 

Papers should be no more than 8,000 words, including abstract and references, and will be blind reviewed following the journal’s standard review process.  Manuscripts should be prepared according to the guidelines published in Health and on the journal’s website.

Further Information

If you require further information about the call, please contact Nick Fox (n.j.fox@sheffield.ac.uk)

About the journal

Health is a broad ranging interdisciplinary journal related to health and the social sciences. Focusing on the changing place of health matters in modern society, the journal provides an international forum for original articles and review essays from around the world. It offers the breadth of outlook required by sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists, and cultural theorists who are addressing problems that cross disciplinary boundaries.


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