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Call for Papers ‘Exercise is Medicine: Qualitative Contributions’


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Special Issue of Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health

Special Issue Editors:

  • John Cairney, University of Toronto (john.cairney@utoronto.ca)
  • Michael Atkinson, University of Toronto (michael.atkinson@utoronto.ca)
  • Kerry McGannon, Laurentian University (kmcgannon@laurentian.ca)

“Exercise is medicine” has become a global health movement foundationally framed around the concept that exercise is a foundational inoculant against disease, illness and chronic conditions; and as such, should be much more heavily promoted by physicians in healthcare institutions, training of healthcare providers and contexts. The movement, now nearly a decade old, similarly encourages citizens to view exercise as a low-cost, accessible and primary strategy for personal health and wellness. Recommendations from the movement indicate that more people should be physically active in everyday life, exercise should be prescribed by health workers, exercise is positioned as a key vital sign of population health, and exercise professionals (kinesiologists, therapists, sport scientists and others) are important members of globally health networks.

While the broader “exercise is medicine” idea is touted as a universal panacea for addressing the broadest range of illness (and wellness) issues, very little in the way of qualitative research assessments, interventions, evaluations have been published regarding the practice of reception of exercise as/is medicine. Further still, extended social science critiques of the exercise is medicine paradigm either to remain muted or silenced in a host of academic and applied settings. In this special issue, then, we are seeking qualitative research from a diverse disciplinary backgrounds (e.g. psychology, health studies, sociology, women’s studies, medicine, nursing, bioethics, etc.) that contributes to emerging debates regarding the possibilities, limitations and tensions with the social and cultural practice of exercise is medicine in the broadest range of institutional spaces. We are especially interested in original manuscripts contributing to the qualitative constructions of exercise as a form of medicine, the institutional delivery of exercise as medicine, the experience of exercise as medicine by people in healthcare practices, or the assessment of the exercise medicine paradigm itself through the lens of critical theory. Papers highlighting original qualitative methods/methodologies and theoretical excavations of the exercise as/is medicine movement are particularly welcome. 

Submission instructions

Papers must be submitted to the Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health ScholarOne site. Submissions must be received by 31 March 2017, with final versions due on 31 July 2017.

Full “Instruction for authors” can be found under the “Authors and submissions” tab on this link

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