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Call for Open Access Book Proposal: Critical Digital and Social Media Studies

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Critical Digital and Social Media Studies is an established book series edited by Professor Christian Fuchs on behalf of the Westminster Institute for Advanced Studies and published by the University of Westminster Press (UWP). We invite submissions of book proposals that fall into the scope of the series.

Submission deadline: Monday, 12 February 2017, 23:00 BST, by e-mail to Andrew Lockett (University of Westminster Press Manager) at a.lockett@westminster.ac.uk

For full series details and proposal guidelines click here. Books already published in the series can be seen here

You can find the University of Westminster Press Publishing Portfolio here

Call details

After the publication of five titles in the series we invite submission of book proposals (adhering to the guidelines set out below) as one document with one full chapter for books in the range of 35,000–80,000 words. The books in the series are published online in an open access format available online without payment using a Creative Commons licence (CC-BY-NC-ND) and simultaneously as affordable paperbacks. We are able to publish a number of books in the call without any book processing charges thanks to generous support by the University of Westminster that covers these fees.

Potential authors are welcome to contact the series editor outside of the initial time frame of this call for book proposals but should note that priority for funding support for suitable projects will be given to those proposals meeting the deadline. There is a preference for the submission of proposals for books whose writing can be finished and that can be submitted to UWP within the next 6–15 months. In the event of a surplus of strong proposals, preference will be given to single-authored book proposals over edited volumes.

We welcome submissions of a book outline proposal with (exactly one) sample chapter submitted as one single Word or PDF document. We can only accept suggestions for books written in English.

Example topics that the book series is interested include:

  • the political economy of digital and social media;
  • digital and informational capitalism;
  • digital labour;
  • ideology critique in the age of social media;
  • new developments of critical theory in the age of digital and social media;
  • critical studies of advertising and consumer culture online;
  • critical social media research methods;
  • critical digital and social media ethics;
  • working class struggles in the age of social media;
  • the relationship of class, gender and race in the context of digital and social media;
  • the critical analysis of the implications of big data, cloud computing, digital positivism, the Internet of things, predictive online analytics, the sharing economy, location- based data and mobile media, etc.;
  • the role of classical critical theories for studying digital and social media;
  • alternative social media and Internet platforms;
  • the public sphere in the age of digital media;
  • the critical study of the Internet economy;
  • critical perspectives on digital democracy;
  • critical case studies of online prosumption;
  • public service digital and social media;
  • commons-based digital and social media;
  • subjectivity, consciousness, affects, worldviews and moral values in the age of digital and social media;
  • digital art and culture in the context of critical theory;
  • environmental and ecological aspects of digital capitalism and digital consumer culture.

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