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BuzzRx: How Prescription Discount Cards Work (No Strings Attached)

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Prescription drug use in the UShas reached record levels of over 6.3 billion prescriptions filled annually – approximately 19 prescriptions for every American. As drug prices continue to rise and patients are prescribed more medications, the cost of maintaining our health has become unaffordable for many people.

Prescription medications serve as a crucial lifeline for those with chronic illnesses (and even seasonal ones), and many studies show that a 10% increase in people’s copay can result in greatly reduced medication adherence.  

Discouraged by continuously rising medication prices and driven by his vision of affordable prescription medications for all, Matthew Herfield co-founded BuzzRx, a free prescription discount service that allows users to instantly find the lowest price on their medication at pharmacies nationwide.

“BuzzRx is dedicated to fostering healthier communities through enhanced prescription affordability,” affirmed Herfield. “With savings of up to 80% off, regardless of a person’s insurance status, we aim to bridge the gap in accessibility.”

How prescription discount cards work

So, how do they work?

It’s simple.

BuzzRx offers customers two seamless avenues to find savings: via its website or the user-friendly BuzzRx app, available on iOS and Android platforms. The card is accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, including major chains such as CVS and Walgreens.

Simply look up your medication by dosage and zip code, and a list of discounts will instantly appear at local pharmacies near you. Present the coupon to your pharmacist and start saving. There are no membership costs required to use BuzzRx, and it is available to everyone, regardless of health insurance coverage.

“BuzzRx is all about transparency,” Herfield said. “We show you the discounted price of your medication upfront, so there are no surprise costs at the pharmacy counter. And if you have insurance, ask your pharmacist to compare BuzzRx to ensure you’re paying the lowest price available to you.

But don’t just take Herfield’s word for it. BuzzRx has already helped millions of Americans save money on their prescriptions. One cardholder shared, “There was a complication with my regular insurance, and I could not wait for maintenance medication, so I decided to self-pay and used BuzzRx to fill the prescription ASAP. The BuzzRx price actually came close to beating my traditional insurance.”

A BuzzRx cardholder saves every five seconds at the pharmacy, resulting in over $2 million daily average savings. To date, BuzzRx has proudly helped cardholders save over $1.5 billion on prescriptions. 

The benefits of using BuzzRx

The obvious benefit of owning a prescription discount card is saving money on medications that otherwise might be too expensive. However, the benefits of using BuzzRx aren’t just financial: When you use a BuzzRx charitable prescription discount card, BuzzRx donates to one of several charities that make up the backbone of its philanthropy efforts.

“We’re proud to collaborate with four like-minded nonprofit organizations that are also dedicated to advancing the health and well-being of our communities,” expressed Herfield. “Through partnerships with the ASPCA, Make-A-Wish America, the National Kidney Foundation, and several regional Food Banks, we have the distinct honor of giving back and aligning ourselves with foundational pillars in our communities.”

BuzzRx helps you save money on prescriptions while giving back to the community without charging anything extra. You choose the charity your savings will go to, and every time you use your card at the pharmacy, BuzzRx will donate to your chosen organisation.

Saving on prescriptions for a better life

With the cost of prescription medications skyrocketing, BuzzRx not only simplifies the pharmacy experience but effectively mitigates the possibility of encountering medication sticker shock at the counter.

With discounts up to 80% off on critical medicines, an extra few dollars here or there can go a long way. Similarly, if the medications that once seemed out of budget are affordable using a program that gives back to those in need, it’s an all-around net benefit.

Enjoy saving, and let BuzzRx make a positive impact on your behalf.

Ellen Diamond, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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