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Busting Unreasoned Myths About Depression and Anxiety 

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The dynamics of mental health have taken a sharp shift over the years. Not only the ones with mental problems but the people around them also understand the seriousness and severity of the situation. Earlier, it was a complex topic to talk about or for people to understand, but as everyone is going through serious issues and is entering the world so rapidly, people are opening themselves to this discussion. Now, due to the lack of knowledge and discussions on this topic, there are many myth bubbles that need to be popped.

Getting sudden attacks listening about Covid testing Chicago isn’t normal and needs to be taken seriously when experienced. Why is it that anything that frightens a person can stay with them for a long time and mess up their mind? People usually tag anything like this as depression, but what if it is just a normal anxiety trigger?

Depression isn’t real

One of the most common myths people believe in is that depression or anxiety isn’t real and doesn’t really exist in everyday lives. But have you thought, how come people try committing suicides and harm themselves in different ways if depression isn’t a thing? Well, there are a lot of campaigns and educational programs that are working on making more and more people aware of the reality of depression and how prevalent it is in their daily lives. 

It will get better eventually

People usually believe that depression or anxiety will improve with time and do not need proper professional attention. Those who seek professional help for their mental health are typically mocked at or made fun of just because society is living in a fantasy world. To reveal the truth about this, no one can get come out of the depression until someone pushes them or at least talks to them about it. 

Kids can never face depression

The third most talked about myth is how children are resistant to mental health issues because they are too naïve to understand what goes around them. This thinking needs some light because, in reality, even children get mental health issues and aren’t able to overcome them because of being naive. Experiencing an unfavorable environment can bring in many problems that involve mental health problems. It can be due to anything, including parents’ fighting or divorce, disturbing friendships, harassment, etc. So, be alert and listen to your kids whenever you feel them going through something profound, as it can affect their entire lives. 

Depression is rooted in a cause

Societal beliefs are that depression only roots from a severe problem. People think if a person is experiencing and involved in a happy life and surroundings, they can never get any mental health issues. Perhaps, the idea is entirely wrong. When mere listening about covid testing in Chicago can trigger mental imbalance, it’s not always some sad events that affect the mental health of the people. The solid fact is that depression is not rooted in any particular cause but can be triggered or felt without any mishap or event in life.

Summing it up

In the past few years, covid has given enough stress in the society that the percentage of depression and anxiety patients has seen a rapid increase. From testing for covid to going for an RT PCR test near you, everything related to Covid can give jitters to the body. Society did not just suffer life loss due to the disease but also because of depression and anxiety caused by it.

The most important step a person needs to take when going through any mental condition is seeing a professional. A person should be able to understand they cannot always treat themselves and need professional assistance to get out of these situations. So, through a few mental health doctors near you, and book an appointment if you think your condition is deteriorating.

Robert Haynes did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health and well-being.

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