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Business Travel Experts Reveal Their Top Packing Tips

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A recent Pinterest Travel Report showed a 480% increase in people searching for packing tips. Packing can be challenging at the best of times, especially with increasing numbers of flights only including hand luggage within your standard ticket. But it can be even more challenging for those trying to remember and fit everything important needed in for a business travel trip. So how can you master packing for business like a pro?  

Corporate Travel Management company, Wings Global Travel, is thrilled to share expert advice on packing for business trips. With over 30 years of experience in helping travellers navigate their journeys smoothly, Wings offers ten top tips to ensure business travellers pack efficiently and effectively, minimizing stress and maximizing productivity. 

These are the Wing’s Global Travel team’s top business travel packing tips:  

Plan your outfits around a core colour scheme 

Simplify your packing by choosing a core colour scheme for your wardrobe. Select versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits. Neutral colors such as black, navy, or gray are ideal as they can be easily paired with various accessories, ensuring you look professional and polished without overpacking. 

Invest in quality, wrinkle-resistant fabrics 

Business travellers need to look sharp and professional, even after hours in transit. Invest in clothing made from wrinkle-resistant fabrics to avoid the hassle of ironing on the go. fabrics such as wool blends, polyester, and certain types of cotton are great options that maintain a crisp appearance straight out of your suitcase. 

Utilise packing cubes for organization 

Packing cubes are a game-changer for keeping your suitcase organized. Separate your clothing by category – tops, bottoms, underwear, and accessories – to quickly locate items without disrupting your entire suitcase. This method not only saves time but also keeps your belongings neat and tidy throughout your trip. 

Prioritise essential electronics and accessories 

Business trips often require multiple electronic devices and accessories. Prioritise packing essential items such as your laptop, chargers, adapters, and a portable power bank. Consider a tech organiser to keep cords and gadgets neatly arranged and easily accessible, ensuring you stay connected and productive during your travels.

Keep important documents and items accessible 

Ensure all critical documents and items are easily accessible throughout your journey. Use a dedicated compartment in your carry-on for your passport, business cards, itinerary, and any necessary travel documents. Additionally, keep essential items like medications, a pen, and a small notebook within reach for convenience and peace of mind. 

Pack a small emergency kit 

Prepare for unexpected situations by packing a small emergency kit. include items such as plasters, pain relievers, hand sanitizer, a sewing kit, stain remover wipes, and any personal medications. This kit can save the day in case of minor mishaps and ensure you are always prepared. 

Choose multi-purpose items 

Optimise your packing space by selecting multi-purpose items. A scarf that can double as a blanket, a blazer that works for both meetings and dinners, or shoes that are comfortable for walking and stylish enough for formal settings can reduce the number of items you need to bring. 

Roll your clothes 

Maximise suitcase space and minimise wrinkles by rolling your clothes instead of folding them. This technique not only creates more room but also helps keep your clothes in better condition. Consider rolling smaller items, like t-shirts and underwear, into the corners and gaps of your suitcase.

Use travel-sized toiletries 

Save space and comply with airline regulations by using travel-sized toiletries. Purchase reusable travel containers and fill them with your favorite products, or buy pre-packaged travel-sized versions. Store them in a clear, resealable plastic bag for easy access and security checks. 

Pack a lightweight, foldable bag 

Include a lightweight, foldable bag in your suitcase for additional flexibility. This bag can be used for carrying materials to meetings, bringing back souvenirs, or as an extra carry-on if you end up with more items on your return trip. It’s a versatile solution for various needs that may arise during your travels. 

Rebecca Gunn, head of global marketing said: “wings global travel is dedicated to providing practical and effective travel advice, helping business travellers navigate their journeys with ease. We hope these business travel packing tips can offer some quick strategies for a more smooth and organised business trip.” 

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