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5 Tips to Deal with Bullying in University

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Bullying in university can take a variety of ways. It doesn’t have to be physical in nature. In most cases, students who are bullied usually carry this emotional damage for the rest of their lives. To prevent this from happening to you, you have to stop bullying. If student(s) are bullying you, you have to understand that it’s not your fault. 

There are several ways that you can use to stand up for yourself or any of your loved ones who is being bullied. It’s also important to raise awareness about bullying in university to help your peers who are undergoing the same. 

1. Talk with someone

If you are being bullied, it’s important to report that person to the university so that it can be stopped immediately. Talking with someone about bullying is another clever way of standing up for yourself. 

Reporting your bullies shows them that you are not willing to put up with their attitude. You should report the case to someone who you trust such as your parent, counsellor or lecturer. If you find it difficult to sit down with an adult, you can write a short note explaining what is happening to you. If the person you tell doesn’t take action, seek help from another staff. 

2. Be better than the bully

Being better than the bully involves not responding back to the bully. The best way to do this is walk away from the bully. This shows them that you are not ready to put up with their treatment or attitude. 

If there is no challenge, most bullies will get tired and move on to another target. Also, if a bully is making it difficult for you to complete your assignment, you should seek dissertation help whenever possible. 

Remember, doing what the bully demands you to do or planning to revenge puts you on the same class as the bully. The best thing you can do for yourself and the bully is walking away without any confrontations.

3. Stand up for yourself

If the bully does not threaten to harm you physically, you can stand up for yourself by communicating in a clear and direct way. Most bullies will walk away the moment you stand up for yourself. Remember, doing what the bully asks you to do won’t let them leave you alone. 

In fact, it encourages them to continue bullying you because they what they want. If you think confronting the bully will put you in danger, you should not use this method. Also, avoid complementing or insulting the bully. Complimenting a bully after they have done horrible things to you only increases their power over you. 

4. Relax

If you are being bullied in college, it’s natural to get stressed out and frustrated. Bullies do what they do to get an emotional response from you. If you show them that you are angry, sad or frustrated, they will feel powerful over you. And this will definitely increase their efforts. To avoid encouraging the bully, you should relax. 

Take a deep breath and think of something that makes you pleasant such as your dreams, pet, grades or the next holiday destination. Responding to the bully in a calm way can also work. If it doesn’t, you should report him or her to the authorities.

5. Learn how to defend yourself

Learning how to defend yourself will boost your confidence and improve your physical agility. Remember, bullies target people who are weaker than them. Therefore, developing a strong aura can prevent them from perceiving you as a target. You can learn how to defend yourself by taking martial art lessons such as Karate and Judo to name a few.


Bullies come in different shapes and sizes. In the long run, you’ll have to learn how to deal with bullies because you are going to come across them. Most students do not know how deal with bullying in college. And some of them end up committing suicide or being tortured by the bullies to death. This should not happen to you. 

Do not allow the bully to have power over you. By following the five proven methods discussed above, you will not only learn how to stop bullying practically, but also help other students who are putting up with the same person. Start using these methods today. You have nothing to lose.

Joshua Robinson is a talented editor and freelance writer. He loves sharing his thoughts and experiences on personal power, effectiveness and life in university.

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