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Pamper Your Special Someone with These Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

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With the cost of living squeezing household incomes, it’s essential to save money this year wherever you can. If you usually like to spoil your partner on Valentine’s Day, here are some ideas from the team at Quotegoat that won’t break the bank. 

Create a video 

Edit your favourite memories captured on your phone into a video and choose a song that means a lot to you both as the backing track. There are plenty of free video editing apps available that are easy to use for beginners.  

Bake together 

Whether it’s bread or a cake, baking together can be lots of fun, and you’ll have something delicious to share afterwards.  

Leave a trail of notes 

Write all the reasons you love your partner on little scraps of paper, fold them up and leave a little trail in the house for your spouse to find.

Finish off all the DIY 

Surprise your loved one by doing all the little jobs around the house that you need to do forever.

Plan a romantic scavenger hunt 

A scavenger hunt will require some time to plan but give clues like the coordinates for the place you met or what you ate on your first date.

Go for a picnic

Pack a picnic with your partner’s favourite food, take a blanket and wrap up warm. 

Make a love scrapbook 

In a notebook, write down where you met, what made you fall in love, funny and favourite memories and include photos and tickets to gigs you’ve been to together.

Spa day at home 

You don’t have to be a qualified masseuse to give a half-decent back or head massage. Put some relaxing music on and light a scented candle

Personal finance expert of money-saving website, Quotegoat, Michael Foote, said: ‘With our wallets squeezed this year due to the rise in energy, food, fuel and National Insurance, it’s important to save money wherever you can.’

‘There are plenty of ways to spoil your partner on Valentine’s Day without spending money. It’s more meaningful to spend lots of time thinking about what to do and personalising the day for your loved one.’

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