Bryan Harnsberger

Bryan Harnsberger earned his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from William James College. He has been working in the field of psychology for the past six years in various therapeutic settings.  His dissertation research focused on deconstructing the concept of recovery from addiction and his current interests include producing research focused on integrating social media into college outreach programmes.  Harnsberger also serves as the President-Elect for the Society for Descriptive Psychology, an organisation that provides conceptual framework for the science of psychology and other human sciences.

Harnsberger enjoys working with college-aged populations in an individual or group setting.  He uses an integrative treatment approach – most frequently implementing skills and interventions utilised in status-dynamic psychotherapy, motivational interviewing, solution-focused and person-centred psychotherapies.  His clinical interests include treating complex living issues associated with college-aged populations such as  addictions, relationship and identity issues, adjustment and anxiety.  He firmly believes that collaborative involvement and affirmations are two essential practices in counselling.

He tries to promote wellness in his own life by allowing time to enjoy watching movies (and Netflix), playing guitar to unwind, participating in kick-boxing and soccer, and learning about integrating technology into psychological practices as a way to stay intellectually stimulated. You can follow him on Twitter .

Published: 23 November 2015

Last update: 26 August 2016

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