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Bros Singer Opens Up to Fans About Living with Rare Poland Syndrome After Years of Feeling Ashamed

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Pop singer-song writer Matt Goss, 55, who has an extremely rare muscular condition called Poland syndrome, has sent a special video message to fans.

In a moving video speech, he told those living with Poland syndrome to “walk tall” and not be ashamed of the condition.

May marks the start of PIP-UK‘s (the UK’s only Poland syndrome charity) awareness month. Matt, 55, was speaking by video at the first ever Poland Syndrome Festival, held in Birmingham at the weekend.

Matt said: “I am proud to say I have Poland syndrome. I am sure so many of you guys can relate. Doctors said, ‘Just work out, go to the gym, and it will come back.’

“It doesn’t come back. I was born without a lower pec muscle on my right side. For many, many years, I felt so insecure. It affected my posture.

“Back in the day, when I first started in Bros, I used to always cover my chest.  But now I stand upright and I am proud to be part of the Poland Syndrome family.

“I wish all of you the most blessed life and let’s walk with pride. All my love.”

Matt, who was a contestant in the 2022 season of Strictly Come Dancing, was born with Poland Syndrome and says he spent his years as part of the 1980s pop duo Bros hiding it from the public.

He said: “Nobody will have ever noticed but I often used to pose, covering that side of my chest.”

Twin brother Luke was not born with the condition, which is estimated to impact up to 1 in 30,000 newborns. 

Famous names with PS include the late TV presenter, Jeremy Beadle, who had a disproportionately small hand, as well as Olympic boxer Jerome Thomas and fitness influencer Giselle Barbosa, who was at the festival in person. 

A £20,000 National Lottery cheque to support PIP UK was presented at the festival by Preet Gill – Shadow Minister for Primary Care & Public Health and the local MP for Edgbaston.

She told attendees she was “very proud” of Birmingham to be the host of the first ever festival and praised Birmingham Children’s Hospital’s excellent work in supporting families impacted by the syndrome.

She said: “Very little is known about Poland Syndrome and many families struggle to access support. Birmingham Children’s Hospital is leading the way in addressing this and the festival is a major force in creating further understanding of the condition.”

As well as a host of fun activities, including a fashion show, a special fitness class was hosted at the festival by social media star and PS ambassador, Giselle Barbosa, who got the crowd limbered up with her unique Poland Syndrome Fitness Programme. Another festival is planned for 2025.

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