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Survey Reveals 60% of Brits Worry About Leaving Their Home When They Go on Holiday

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With summer holidays in full swing, a survey of 1,211 UK adults carried out by lighting supplier Ultra LEDs has revealed that 60% of Brits are worried about leaving their homes when they go on holiday

These security worries have left Brits investing in more products to help keep their homes safe, with just under half (40%) of Brits investing in outdoor security lighting. 

The survey has further revealed the safety measures Brits around the country are taking to help protect their homes while away.

An empty home is a perfect target for opportunistic burglars, which is why we found that 25% of Brits leave the lights on the entire time they’re away. A further 20% prefer to leave their indoor lights on a timer as a safety measure to protect their home

However, of those surveyed, over two-thirds worried about their energy use while keeping the lights on. Ultra LEDs Festoon lights, ideal for brightening your indoor or outdoor space, have energy-saving capabilities while delivering high-quality performance. 

Easy to install and customise, these string lights can be bought individually or as part of a kit and come in various colours, shapes, and styles.  

Similarly, households also worry about the cost of their security worries on their energy bills, as lighting already accounts for 15% of energy bills. 

Matthew Shaw, head of sales at Ultra LEDs, said: ‘People have always worried about leaving their home when they go away, but I think after so much time spent at home, these worries have been heightened.’

‘Our research shows that people think it’s worth investing in good lighting to ensure that their homes are kept safe and secure while away by making people believe that there is someone at home. One of the easiest ways to keep burglars at bay is by making your home look lived in.’

‘Having the lights on either all the time or set to timers will give people peace of mind that their homes are secure while they’re away, leaving them to focus on enjoying themselves rather than worrying about what’s going on at home.’

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