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Brits Want to Take Control of Own Health After Radio 1 Star Admitted Early Bowel Cancer Detection Saved Her Life

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Psychreg News Team, (2023, March 30). Brits Want to Take Control of Own Health After Radio 1 Star Admitted Early Bowel Cancer Detection Saved Her Life. Psychreg on Health & Medicine.
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Brits want to take control of their health after BBC Radio 1 star Adele Roberts admitted that early detection saved her life.

The radio DJ and former Big Brother star told how she had developed bowel cancer and early testing saved her life.

Next month (April) is Bowel Cancer Awareness month which will highlight the disease which kills someone every 30 minutes in the UK.

The new national survey has revealed that more than half of UK adults (54%) want to control their health more.

The research has also revealed that 78% of adults feel confident conducting at-home health tests due to using lateral flow tests during the Covid pandemic.

Newfoundland’s at-home diagnostic tests enable consumers to test for various health conditions, from thyroid problems to bowel cancer and are available nationwide in Tesco stores.

This comes at a time when 30% of us have to wait six or more weeks for diagnostics tests via the NHS, with almost 200,000 having to wait more than 13 weeks for one of the NHS’ key diagnostics tests.

The poll from newfoundland has also revealed that two-thirds of the nation (67%) are worried about the time it takes to get an NHS appointment, with 14% having held off getting tests because the NHS is overburdened.

Additionally, and worryingly, approximately one in eight (13%) say they know someone who has received a late health diagnosis, impacting their treatment options.

To help ease the NHS demands and discourage people from accessing the internet to find the diagnosis, newfoundland has released a new range of rapid at-home tests that allows people to equip themselves with potentially lifesaving health knowledge.

The tests allow the nation to check for specific illnesses, diseases, deficiencies, and hormone levels in the comfort of their own home, including bowel cancer, prostate cancer, and influenza, as well as vitamin D deficiency, iron deficiency and menopause.

Interest in at-home tests is already high, with 78% of people feeling more confident conducting them having used lateral flow tests during the pandemic, with testing for cholesterol (36%); vitamin D deficiency (33%); iron deficiency (32%); cancers, such as bowel and prostate (30%); and intolerances or allergies (28%), topping the list the nation would most like to be able to perform at home.

On the findings, frontline NHS doctor and author of Your Health In Your Hands, Dr Emeka Okorocha, said: “The pandemic has played a huge role in how seriously we take our health. With lateral flow tests becoming a normal part of daily life, it’s no surprise that more of the nation is open to at-home testing for many health concerns.

“At-home testing is a great first step towards taking control of your health and alleviating some of the pressure on the NHS. By going to your GP armed with a test result, you can speed up the diagnosis process, saving both NHS time and, in some cases, allowing you to spot more serious health conditions early enough that treatments are much more effective.”

Fredrick Manduca, the co-founder of newfoundland, said: “It’s great to see that the nation is taking its health seriously. Our mission at newfoundland is to put the power of knowledge in people’s hands, allowing them to be more in control of their health and a bigger part of the conversation.”

“The hope is that by promoting a self-testing culture, we can help lessen the burden on the NHS when it comes to diagnostic testing, ultimately reducing the wait time and helping to save lives in turn.”

All newfoundland tests are more than 97% accurate and available in selected Tesco stores. 

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