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Brits Take Solace from Work Meetings, by Sneakily Gaming on Their Handsets

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With 1 in 6 Brits playing video games every day (18%), OPPO, a leading global smartphone brand, reveals the nation’s gaming habits and attitudes towards gaming.

The results reveal Brits secretly game in the workplace to give themselves a breather, with over one in 10 playing games on their phones during meetings (11%). The significance of gaming is evident for Millennials in particular, with 3 in 10 (29%) saying gaming is more important than doing well at work. And 1 in 10 Brits (10%) state they would take a pay cut if it meant they could spend more time gaming.

It’s not all about Call of Duty and Fortnite. Perhaps as a reaction to the difficult past couple of years, we’re seeking gentler activities in our games, and we now indulge in games inspired by gardening, cookery, and our favourite TV shows. Over 1 in 10 Brits (11%) would like to play a virtual Strictly Come Dancing game, and 15% would like to try a virtual cookery class, inspired by Bake Off and Master Chef. Virtual crafting (14%) and gardening games (14%) also prove popular, and 8% of women would love to give a virtual knitting or embroidery game a try.

Gaming is overwhelmingly seen as a positive part of our lives, with 4 in 10 Brits (43%) saying it stimulates the mind and is a good way to manage stress (40%). Almost a quarter say it’s a way of connecting and bringing people together (23%), and over a quarter (26%) finding it beneficial for mental health, particularly for the younger generation (41% for 18–34-year-olds).

Psychologist Lee Chambers, comments: ‘It’s positive to see the nation finding gaming a good way to relax and manage stress, helping to debunk the stereotype around gaming which is arguably seen as unhealthy by some. In fact, there is evidence that video games can in fact improve mental health, and the rise of multi-player experiences provide people with a way to socialise and feel part of a community.’

Smartphones are by far the most popular way to game, with nearly half of gamers (47%) using their smartphones, followed by games consoles (33%) and laptops/PCs (33%). Gamers who use their smartphones do so for convenience (56%), as a good way to pass the time (49%), and as a discreet way to game (19%) where the want to.

Chambers continues: ‘Gaming via our smartphones allows us to fit this into our everyday lives, where and when we want to. For many of us, immersing ourselves in a game is a great form of escapism from the stresses of daily life, allowing us to switch off and wind down.’

Britain’s top 10 gaming occasions

  • In-between household chores (21%)
  • In spare moments at work (20%)
  • Whilst travelling on the train or bus, or commuting (18%)
  • While waiting to pick up children up from school and/or clubs (18%)
  • In the bathroom/toilet (14%)
  • In a work meeting (10%)
  • In a hospital or doctor’s surgery (10%)
  • In bed with our partner (8%)
  • In the pub / café / restaurant (8%)
  • At a wedding (8%)

The research, commissioned by OPPO, celebrates how smartphones provide an affordable on-the-go gaming experience. The hero addition to the OPPO A Series, the OPPO A54 5G, is designed to balance work and play for UK customers. 3 in 10 (28%) admit a better internet connection will improve their gaming experience, and with 5G connectivity, gaming on the go is more viable with improved latency. The A54 5G also features all-around Smart Power Saving hardware and software features, and a day and a half of battery life, meaning there are fewer reasons for a pit stop at home and even more to stay connected and game whilst on-the-move.

Managing director for OPPO UK, Kevin Cho, comments: ‘Our focus is to inspire customers to explore new possibilities with the latest technology, including providing an optimal gaming experience. With the rise of hybrid working and people getting used to commuting more, our handsets come with superfast charging and full 5G capability, providing users with the perfect companion to experience gaming on the go. What’s more, the OPPO A54 5G offers high-end technology at a wallet-friendly price.’

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