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Testing Expert Warns Brits Over 50s Should Receive Summer Booster

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The leading Covid-19 testing expert, Dr Quinton Fivelman PhD, chief scientific officer at London Medical Laboratory, is warning that today’s reported 30% rise in Covid cases cannot simply be ignored by the Government. He says: ‘A new summer jab campaign needs to be planned immediately, to ensure all over50s receive the fourth jab to protect against severe disease.’

Dr Fivelman warns: ‘With cases up across the UK, and hospitalisations climbing, we are facing a new wave, fuelled by the spread of the latest Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants. This is now more than a ‘Jubilee jump’ surge caused by the bank holiday gatherings; it’s a marked trend.’

‘The latest research shows BA.4 and BA.5 appear to be able to infect people even if they’ve recently had other types of Omicron. Our natural immune systems are having difficulty keeping the latest variants at bay.’

‘For this reason, it’s vital people have as high a level of antibodies as possible to protect against severe disease. This means everyone aged over 50 is receiving a booster jab this summer. Though not specifically targeted at the latest variants, a top-up jab protects against severe disease. Many antibodies and T cells will remain effective.’

‘The severity of many Omicron cases may be less marked than previous Covid variants, such as Delta, but it can still be an extremely unpleasant and dangerous disease. Hospital cases are rising, and the latest research indicates Covid may remain active in our bodies, in areas such as the gut, for extended periods.’

‘This could be the cause of long Covid. It may also mean that people suffering from long Covid could even transmit the virus for months after their initial infection.’

‘The latest US research shows Covid proteins – most commonly the viral spike protein – remain in the blood of 65% of long Covid patients tested. These were detected up to 12 months after they were first diagnosed, indicating a long-term, low-grade infection. Cases of long Covid among Omicron patients appear lower than in earlier variants. However, there is still a direct correlation: the greater the number of Covid cases , the greater the proportionate number of long Covid cases.’

Covid  cannot be allowed to persist in the population at numbers greater than 1 in 30, as it is currently. The more cases among the general population, the greater the chance the virus will mutate again. Unlike the relatively mild Omicron variant, scientists warn that the next one may be more severe.’

‘The latest ONS research shows that antibody levels, though still relatively high across the UK, have been consistently falling since mid-April. Suppose anyone is concerned about their immune response to the jabs and how well they continue to produce antibodies.’

‘In that case, the new generation blood tests available from London Medical Laboratory are highly accurate, quick and simple to carry out, either at home through the post or at one of the many drop-in clinics that offer this test across London and the southeast.’

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