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Only 1% of Brits Love Cranberry Sauce: Expert Shares 5 Christmas Dinner Sauce Alternatives to Try

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New research by meal box delivery company HelloFresh shows that cranberry sauce is one of the UK’s least favourite Christmas dinner staples. The survey showed that only 1% of Brits named the festive staple as their favourite trimming.

While hailed as a Christmas lunch tradition, in fact, cranberry sauce is an unlikely import from the American Thanksgiving dinner. Notoriously bitter, it’s no surprise that many of us don’t love the sauce.

In response to the findings, senior recipe development manager, Mimi Morley has shared five alternatives to a traditional cranberry sauce for your Christmas dinner.


Chutney is a popular gift at Christmas time and besides pairing it with cheese and crackers it can make a fantastic cranberry alternative. Depending on your preferences, a fruit chutney provides the right balance of fruity flavour and festive spice without the bitterness of cranberries. Choose from spiced pear, caramelised onion or plum. Alternatively look to everyone’s favourite curry accompaniment and pair it with mango chutney for a coronation-inspired Christmas dinner.

Bread sauce

Of course, it’s not a Christmas dinner without the classic bread sauce which is now often overlooked! When made correctly, your bread sauce should have a mild, creamy flavour which doesn’t overpower the turkey. Infuse your bread sauce with aromatic spices like nutmeg, bay leaves and cloves to complement the herby notes of your roast turkey.

Honey mustard sauce 

Whether used as a dipping sauce or a glaze for your turkey, honey mustard provides the perfect combination of sweet and tangy for your Christmas dinner. Combine three tbsp of dijon or wholegrain mustard, two tbsp of honey and five tbsp of mayonnaise.  If you prefer it even tangier add a drop of apple cider vinegar to taste.


While typically reserved for Italian recipes, pesto can add a vibrant twist to your Christmas dinner with a fresh and herby flavour. Incorporate the flavour from the early stages of your dinner preparation with a pesto butter basted turkey. Finish off by serving with a side of homemade pesto sauce drizzled over the turkey or drizzle  into your gravy.

Bacon jam

Finally, bacon jam is the perfect homage to the much loved pigs in blankets which 22% of the UK gave revealed as their favourite Christmas trimming. The savoury and sweet combination acts as the perfect accompaniment to turkey and makes for the perfect sauce in leftover sandwiches.

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