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Brits Flock to Copenhagen to Tie the Knot. Here’s How to Have a Danish Inspired Wedding Breakfast

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This week, wedding officials in Denmark revealed there has been a significant increase in the number of UK residents heading to Copenhagen to tie the knot. 

#Denmarkwedding has over 20 million views on TikTok as users share their reasons for heading to the Scandinavian capital, with its promise of budget nuptials free from red tape. Nearly weds are able to organise their ceremony within as little as two weeks for just £253.

Inspired by the trend, experts from online butchers Campbells Meat, reveal how you can take inspiration from Scandinavian food for your own wedding if you’re not planning a trip to the Danish capital.


Herring is a staple dish in Denmark. This fish dish can be served in a variety of ways, from salads to smørrebrød. Pickled herring is the perfect choice for canapes on your big day. Typically marinated in brine made from vinegar, sugar, onions and spices, it’s best enjoyed cold. Herring salad, also known as sildesalat, is another popular fish recipe that can easily be served as a starter or side. Chop your pickled herring and combine it with sour cream, apples, onions, pickles and boiled potatoes for a tangy appetiser.


Danish open sandwiches, typically known as smørrebrød, are traditionally served on dark rye bread. Starting with a buttered bread base, you can be as creative or traditional as you like when it comes to the toppings. One classic option includes roast beef with pickles and remoulade or for a more canapé-style meal, try smoked salmon with lemon. 


Denmark is home to some of the best oysters in the world. Limfjord oysters are famous for their firm texture and complex flavour profiles and are revered for their rarity. Make an experience out of your dining with a mobile oyster bar service or raw bar and treat your guests to freshly shucked oysters. 


Hens in tartlets or tarteletter, are an old traditional Danish recipe that remains popular even today. Made from crispy pastry shells and filled with a creamy chicken and asparagus sauce, they’re the perfect appetisers to serve at a reception and surprise your guests with.

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