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1 in 4 Brits Consider Polygamous Relationship, Survey Reveals

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With over one in two Brits saying they would consider a commitment-free relationship, there is no doubt our attitudes toward sex and relationships have changed drastically. 

To measure how far the nation’s views have stretched, Lovehoney has surveyed 2,038 sexually active Brits to reveal their opinions on several different relationship dynamics and how they feel about communicating their sexual desires.

One in three Brits do not believe in monogamy 

Romantic arrangements are arguably a lot more casual than they have been in the past. We’ve seen the mainstream rise of situationships, friends with benefits and open or polyamorous relationships across the UK.

Our research has confirmed these free-flowing attitudes around commitment, as almost one in three Brits stated they did not believe in monogamy and over a quarter of people would consider an open relationship (27%). Surprisingly, almost one in four said they would also be open to a polyamorous relationship (23%).

Liverpool is the commitment-free capital of the UK

Regarding commitment, it seems as though our desires for loyalty in our relationships vary significantly across the UK.

Liverpool was the commitment-free capital of the UK, as over two-thirds of its residents are keen to keep their options open by considering polyamory or open relationships; Manchester and Glasgow followed closely behind. 

However, those in Brighton and Southampton were found to be the keenest on settling down and finding the one.

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