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Half of Brits Believe Alcohol Will Keep Them Warm This Winter, Survey Reveals

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With the nights drawing in and the temperatures getting colder this winter, we’re all looking for the best ways to stay warm. But do we know how to keep our body temperatures up, or do we believe some things we were once told as kids?

According to a survey of 1,000 Brits from outdoors brand TOG24, we’re not all that well informed in the UK. As many as 70% of people still believe the old wives’ tale that most of the human body’s heat escapes through the head. Alongside this, eight out of 10 people mistakenly believe that having a hot shower warms you up, and seven out of 10 are wrong in their assumption that drinking a hot drink will increase your body temperature.

Thankfully, 55% of people know you won’t benefit from your big coat if you wear it inside before going outdoorsBut with more and more people looking at ways to stay warm this winter amidst the cost of living crisis, it’s never been more important to know the little tips and tricks that can help keep you warm at home.

When it comes to what we should wear to keep our bodies as warm as possible in the winter months, it’s all about layering. So, what do Brits know about layering?

Thankfully, 63% know it’s better to wear three thin layers to keep warm than one big coat. This suggests it’s time to layer up inside and outside this winter. But not necessarily when it comes to your feet. The truth is that wearing two pairs of socks won’t keep your feet any warmer than one pair – but tell that to the 70% of Brits that mistakenly believe it’s all about two pairs.

Clothing aside, what else can we do to keep warm at home and on the go in winter this year? While many suggest a little tipple or a wee dram to warm up, this doesn’t work. Thankfully, 45% of Brits know this fact, but not necessarily among younger age groups.

Specifically, of those aged between 18 and 24, one in two (51%) people mistakenly believe that alcohol will warm their cockles this winter, compared to just 27% of people aged 55–64.

And the older age group also has more experience when it comes to going out with wet hair. Just 15% of the over 65s mistakenly think this causes you to catch a cold, compared to 50% of 18–24s.

But your Nan will still tell you to wear a hat to not lose all your body’s heat through your head – as many as 80% of those over 55s believe this to be the case. Youngsters have the measure on this one, however, with just one in two 18–34-year-olds believing it to be true.

Mark Ward, TOG24’s managing director, said: “We’ve all seen the headlines about the cost of living crisis this winter and the rise in energy bills. It’s only natural that people want to know what else they can do to stay warm at home. But they must have honest and reliable information on what they should or shouldn’t do. If they don’t, it could end up being more costly.”

“For example, people may have a hot shower or boil the kettle for a hot drink to try and stay warm, when this doesn’t work. They should look to layer appropriately inside and outside the house and also wear a warm coat when out of the house – but not necessarily indoors, as we all know they won’t get the benefit then.”

“One warm pair of socks is best, and a hat shouldn’t be your only solution – as your head is only 10% of the surface area of your body, you don’t lose most of your body heat through your head. At TOG24, our team is packed with outdoor experts who have survived cold temperatures in the UK and worldwide for decades. We must dispel some myths and give people a helping hand this winter.”

The research also found that Brits know that colder temperatures in the bedroom will help you sleep better – as many as 71% of people knew this was the case. Although only 13% knew that the armpit was the coldest part of the body – it sounds like it’s time to keep those armpits warm with proper layering. 

For more information about keeping warm in winter and some dos and don’ts, head to the TOG24 blog.

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