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33% of Brits Admit to Putting Off Wrapping Until Christmas Eve

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Ahead of Christmas Day, M&S has conducted a survey of 2,000 respondents to uncover the UK’s wrapping habits.

When it comes to being prepared, the data found that a third of us leave our wrapping until the 19th of December, just six days before Christmas (34%).

The results also revealed three common personality types when it comes to gift-wrapping.

The speedy wrapper

On average, the most common time to spend wrapping Christmas presents in the UK is one to two hours (33%). But which regions are the fastest?

Belfast is crowned as having the speediest wrappers, with 44% wrapping in one to two hours. Bristol (40%) and Liverpool (32%) have the slowest wrappers, taking up to three or four hours.

The helpful wrapper

The city home to the most helpful wrappers is Leeds, where most respondents (11%) stated that they help their family and friends wrap gifts. Whereas in Cardiff and Belfast, 9% of respondents stated they would ask for help from friends and family. 

The last-minute wrapper

Those who live in Nottingham, Cardiff or Southampton are revealed as the last-minute wrappers in the whole of the UK. Around 10% of residents in each of these cities resort to wrapping on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  

Whereas those in Sheffield are prepping two weeks before (26%).  

Gen Z’s are the most likely age group to leave wrapping to the very last minute with more than one in ten (10%) wrapping either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. 

Millennials tend to tackle the festive task three to six days before the big event (23%) along with baby boomers too (18%).  

Gen X on the other hand appears to be the most prepared, with one in ten starting to wrap four weeks before (10%). 

When it comes to what gets us in the gift-wrapping mood, the survey revealed that almost 2 in 5 respondents (37%) stated they watch either Home Alone or Home Alone 2 while wrapping.

The only two cities in the UK that didn’t opt for one of the Home Alone films as their top choice were Norwich and Southampton, which favoured Elf.

For those of us who prefer to get in the spirit by listening to music, the UK’s Christmas wrapping soundtrack was voted as Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You”, with 23% listing this as their favourite. It seems we love the song throughout the whole festive period – not just to wrap to – as it ranked second last year as the top Christmas song worldwide, being included in over 1,500 playlists.

The findings show that more women like to listen to music while wrapping presents than men, but when men do listen to music, they prefer Wham’s “Last Christmas”. 

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