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Britons Are Seeking More Positivity in Their Lives

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Over 66% of Brits feel ‘energy sapped’ with 53% admitting they seriously need a boost. For most people, the ‘caustic combination’ of the everyday slog (work, family, and travel), coupled with lack of quality sleep, is the biggest cause of low energy levels.

When energy levels drop, predictably, 40% admit getting grumpy and irritable, over a quarter (28%) make unhealthy food and drink choices, and almost a fifth (19%) skip exercise. Others (45%) lose their motivation and many (23%) feel overwhelmed with life.

Brits are looking for more natural ways to restore their energy levels. Getting an early night (39%) and listening to music (25%) were more popular choices than drinking coffee or caffeinated products, while young adults are increasingly using exercise (31%) to boost their energy levels.

The mental impact of low physical energy is exacerbated by current affairs:

  • 26% feel drained by Brexit.
  • 19% are brought down by politics, current affairs, and distressing news stories.
  • 14% feel social media is to blame – rising to 28% in young adults.

The average Brit now scrolls through 300 ft of social media content every day (the equivalent to the height of the Statue of Liberty) and checks their phone 30 times a day – and it’s not always a positive experience. More than a third of Generation Z have confessed to quitting social media for good as 41% said social media platforms make them feel anxious, sad, or depressed.

People believe having more positivity and optimism in their life will benefit their health and motivation (86%). Scientific research suggests that they’re right. The Mayo Clinic reports a number of health benefits associated with optimism, including ‘less depression and an increased lifespan’.

Positivity and energy are also intrinsically linked: 61% of Brits believe high energy levels make you feel more positive, and 75% say positivity is infectious. Surrounding themselves with positive people is a strategy that two thirds (62%) use to increase their energy levels.

‘For years now, we’ve been helping customers find a more natural way to energise their day,’ says Sarah De La Mare, senior brand manager at Purdey’s. ‘We know that natural energy and positivity go hand in hand. When your energy levels are low, surrounding yourself with positive things can give you a gentle lift to keep you going. That’s why we’ve created the Positivity Check-Up Tool to help people curate their social media experience into a more positive one.’

The Purdey’s Positivity Check-Up includes a test, where you can check your positivity rating on social media, positivity tips for improving your score, and suggestions of top ‘positive’ accounts to follow. Committed to helping you channel and receive ‘good vibes only’, Purdey’s Positivity Check-Up helps give you the LOLs you need to get the most out of life. Deliciously Ella, Mrs Hinch, and Millie Mackintosh topped the positivity charts, but check out positive people to follow.

Lucy Sheridan, positivity expert, comparison coach, and author, says: ‘While social media has a bad reputation for showing “unrealistic” lives, there are plenty of amazing accounts that promote positive messages and share words of wisdom that can lift you up. Treat your social media experience like you would your offline life. Surround yourself with positivity. Follow accounts that make you feel great and unfollow those that bring you down.’

Visit Purdey’s website to take a social media positivity check-up and find out how to make your social media experience more positive.

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