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British Society for Heart Failure Launches #FindMe Film for Heart Failure Awareness Week 2024

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The British Society for Heart Failure is launching a new film #FindMe as part of Heart Failure Awareness Week (HFAW), scheduled for 29th April–5th May 2024. The theme of HFAW is “Detect the undetected: Find me”. Intended to raise awareness of the symptoms of heart failure, the campaign also seeks to highlight the importance of finding those with currently undetected heart failure, earlier and accurate diagnosis and timely intervention, which impact outcomes and quality of life. Commitment to preventing avoidable heart failure deaths through educating and supporting health care professionals across the wider health system and making every patient contact count has never been more important, as expressed in the BSH-led 25in25 initiative to reduce deaths by 25% in the next 25 years.

In line with the “25in25” ambition, the BSH is hoping to find the 400,000+ people in the UK who are currently living with undetected and undiagnosed heart failure. The #FindMe campaign is a call to action for friends, family and loved ones to recognise the symptoms of heart failure not only in themselves but in others too. The campaign encourages people to be proactive in calling out the symptoms and to contact a GP if they have any concerns. By promoting these open and difficult conversations, the BSH hopes to find those at risk, find the undetected and find the right treatments for those diagnosed. This will ultimately prevent avoidable deaths due to heart failure and contribute to saving 10,000 lives a year.

To amplify this message, the BSH is releasing a powerful film, premiering on 28th April 2024, to kick-start Heart Failure Awareness Week. This compelling film showcases the real-life stories of three remarkable couples who share their journey of recognising heart failure symptoms, urging their loved ones to seek medical attention, which, in many cases, was a crucial step in saving their lives.

The film aims not only to educate the public to recognise the common symptoms (grouped as the F words: fatigue, fighting for breath, fluid retention) but also to indicate the importance of having meaningful conversations with those in whom the symptoms are becoming apparent to drive positive change. 

“We are thrilled to premiere the #FindMe film during this year’s Heart Failure Awareness Week,” said Lynn Mackay-Thomas, CEO of the BSH, “The courage and generosity of the individuals who shared their personal experiences for the film has been inspirational. Their stories not only serve as a beacon of hope but also as a call to action for all of us.”

The BSH invites individuals, organisations, and trusts across the UK to join the Detect the Undetected: #FindMe campaign and help spread awareness during Heart Failure Awareness Week. With heart failure rates set to double by 2040 we must come together to detect and treat heart failure much earlier. 

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