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British Beauty Week x Dermoi: Powerful Achievements Changing the Industry

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Every year in early September, the British Beauty Industry comes together for British Beauty Week. ​ It is a time when key industry leaders discuss top advancements and challenges, and celebrate the vibrant Industry. This year, British Beauty Week is focused on the Power of Beauty.

Today, Dermoi partnered with British Beauty Week to hold an event discussing ​ the Latest Achievements in Skin & Hair care.

Dermoi was joined by brands Totally Derma, PCA Skin, Vida Glow, and Noble Panacea to break down and celebrate the power of the beauty industry’s top technological advancements.

Achievement #1: Management of the ageing process with nutraceuticals

The ageing process is complex. ​ It involves a series of changes in the skin and body that leads to the breakdown of key tissue and cellular activities.

Totally Derma has developed a clinically proven and highly bioavailable nutraceutical drink that boosts the rejuvenation of the skin and body. The formulation features a broad spectrum of patented, pharmaceutical-grade, bioactive collagen peptides (types I, II, & III) with low molecular weight for optimum efficacy. ​ These peptides stimulate the regeneration of the collagen structures and GAGs of the skin and joints, while also improving symptoms of leaky gut and menopause. ​ ​ The formulation also includes highly bio-available hyaluronic acid and an anti-oxidant blend.

A clinical trial study of Total Derma shows exceptional bioavailability and improvements in wrinkles such as crow’s feet and nasolabial folds. Skin biopsy shows increased collagen, elastin, and GAG content.

Achievement #2: Enhanced skin protection and preservation in highly polluted environments

Many environmental factors such as UV exposure, stress, poor diets etc. are key drivers of ageing. Of these, regular exposure to pollution stimulates cell death and inflammation, promoting further ageing. Pollution contains many highly reactive molecules, called free radicals, that damage cellular lipid, proteins, and DNA. With age, the skin is less capable to defend itself against pollution, and this inflammation and tissue damage worsens.

PCA Skin has developed an easy-to-use, daily mist that is scientifically proven protection the skin and preserve its health in highly polluted environments. The mist features a powerhouse of plant extracts that active against air pollution and blue light. An in-vitro study of the formulation shows increased protection against ozone pollution by 45%. Meanwhile, an ex-vivo study shows that the Daily Defence Mist preserves healthy skin structure with a decrease in cell death.

Achievement #3: Calibrated skincare that changes with your skin’s natural cycles

Delivery of active ingredients into the skin is a challenge. ​ The skin is a very strong barrier that is impermeable to many ingredients.

Noble Panacea, founded by Noble Prize winner Sir Fraser Stoddart, ​ has developed a groundbreaking delivery system called Organic Super Molecular Vessels (OSMVs) not only to increase penetration of active ingredients into the skin but to achieve better control over their delivery.

OSMVs have the unique ability to boost the absorption of active ingredients into the skin, protect their stability overtimes, provide a slow, sustained release of active ingredients into the skin, and create a time-programmed release of actives after application.

Using this technology, Noble Panacea created The Exceptional Chronobiology Overnight Sleeping Mask. The mask is calibrated to release active ingredients at different times throughout the night in coordination with your skin’s natural circadian rhythms. The mask uses OSMV technology to first release exfoliants and probiotics, then retinol and peptides, and finally ceramides and hyaluronic acid. ​

Achievement #4: Induction of Gene Expression & Hair Growth with Nutraceuticals

Hair loss is an extremely complex issue that affects the majority of men and women at some point in their lifetime. ​ Hair loss is influenced by many factors including hormones, lifestyle, stress, nutrition, and ageing. ​ In order for a hair loss treatment to be effective, ​ it must have therapeutic activity on the hair follicle.

Vida Glow has developed a nutraceutical supplement called Hairology that uses a bioavailable and clinically studied active to act on the hair follicle at a molecular level. This active ingredient is called AnaGain, and it has the ability to reach the dermal papilla cells of the hair follicle, stimulate gene expression (FGF7 & noggin) and bring the hair follicle back into its growth phase (anagen). ​ It is also combined with key nutrients to support hair growth health and hormone balance in Hairology.

The powerful nutraceutical stimulates a 34% increase in hair growth in just 28 days.

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