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Britain’s 10 Most Dangerous Drinking Spots Revealed in New Study

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Binge drinking is often an accepted part of British culture.  In fact, a 2017 survey revealed that 27% of people in the UK were considered to be a binge drinker. 

But where in the UK has the most toxic drinking culture?

A new study from the team at Private Rehab Clinic Delamere has revealed the locations around the UK that are thought to have the worst drinking culture, based on a number of factors including, the number of alcohol deaths, average alcohol consumption and more. 

The research revealed that London had the most dangerous drinking culture in the UK with an overall score of 0 out of a possible 80. 

As the most populated city in the country, London had a huge 26,580 alcohol-related hospital admissions recorded between 2019-2020, 190 bottomless drinking locations and 1,068 bars and nightclubs that all contributed to its toxic drinking culture. 

Taking second place on the list was Leeds, with a score of 11 out of 80. Their bottomless drinks score was 0.8/10, with 60 recorded locations and events offering free-flowing booze. 3,310 hospital admissions were documented between 2019–20 and finally, there were 9,954 recorded alcohol dependency cases between 2018–19. 

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Completing the top three was Bristol with a score of 16.6 out of a possible 80. 

Top 10 most dangerous cities for drinking culture

  1. London – 0/80 
  2. Leeds – 11/80 
  3. Bristol – 16.6/80 
  4. Manchester – 17.1/80
  5. Liverpool – 19.9/80
  6. Birmingham – 22.3/80
  7. Newcastle – 25.6/80 
  8. Nottingham – 31.1/80
  9. Sheffield – 31.2/80
  10. Brighton – 32/80


Taking a seed list of the most popular countries in Europe, researchers have uncovered which are at risk of dangerous drinking culture, by analysing specific factors

  • Alcohol death rates per 100,000 people
  • Average alcohol consumption per year (litres)
  • The percentage of the population with alcoholism
  • Number of bars and clubs listed on Tripadvisor
  • Number of alcohol tours listed on Tripadvisor
  • Searches for ‘alcohol delivery’ on Semrush

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