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Brief Description of Gratitude Meditation and Its Benefits

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Everyone aspires to live a happy and healthy life. To fulfil this want, they try to do everything they can and avoid situations that might negatively affect their goals. But it is common to overlook one specific source of happiness found within your heart: gratitude. There are unlimited things for which you can be grateful. When you start realising them, your life will become significantly more manageable and less stressful, and you will feel content. Whenever you find yourself complaining about stressful situations, boost your mood with gratitude meditation.

What is gratitude meditation?

As the name indicates, it is centred on the feeling of thankfulness. There are numerous types of meditation, this being one of the easiest, and you can do it anywhere, even between your busy schedules. It focuses on reminding yourself of things you can be grateful for in life, for example, having supportive friends and family members, waking up healthy every day, having food on your table, etc.

Benefits of gratitude meditation

  • Makes you feel happy. When stressed, you only focus on the negative things in life; however, this meditation will allow you to appreciate the positive ones. It makes you count your blessings and feel optimistic. Maintaining a positive mindset should be your priority to stay happy in life. If you always feel discontent, you won’t be happy, and feelings of rage and jealousy will develop in your mind. You can quickly boost your mood with a gratitude meditation.
  • Improves mental health. Have you ever considered how meditation can also change your brain so that you are more capable of coping with adversity and challenging times? By practising gratitude meditation, your brain becomes more aware of helpful acts and things to appreciate in life, which allows you to break free from rumination and worry.
  • Strengthens personal relationships. Negative thoughts and feelings of discontent affect your personal relationships as well. You might lash out at your partner, friends, or family even if they try to support you. Regularly practising it has improved marital relationships, kinships, and friendships. Start by appreciating your friends, colleagues, family members, spouse, and children, and make them feel important and valued. This will help reinforce your bond and prevent conflicts and miscommunication.
  • Better physical health. Physical health depends on your mental health directly and indirectly. Gratitude dramatically affects how you feel, heal, live, and sleep. It changes your perspective towards others and your entire life. In fact, these people live longer as they eat healthily, exercise more often, and live happier lives.
  • Increased social circle. Interacting with people can significantly improve your lifestyle, mood, and mindset. Some people can make friends easily, do you know why? Because they are content in life, they do not get jealous easily and have a positive aura, thus attracting others by appreciating nature. Practising gratitude meditation daily can also develop an optimistic attitude and enhance your social circle.


Gratitude is a feeling that no one can induce in you, it lies within your heart, and only you can bring it out. Gratitude meditation can help you express your thankfulness and maintain a happy relationship with yourself and others. Hopefully, you’ve gained enough motivation from this article to practice it daily and reap its benefits.

David Radar did his degree in psychology at the University of Kansas. He is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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