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How to Brand Your Psychotherapy Practice

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Building a brand means more than just a company name and catchy strapline. Building a brand means consistency of the brand, producing quality content and engaging with potential clients and professionals alike.

More so than ever, building a brand is imperative in psychology and all caring professions for those going into private work. Brand development is a golden opportunity for those in psychology who are willing to learn the appropriate steps and invest time in establishing a consistent and appealing brand.

I am really excited to announce that I have launched my first every e-course on ‘Branding Your Therapy Business

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The course will be delivered in an easily digestible format, in pretty much the same way I’m doing with my YouTube videos: 

In the meantime, why not take a look at a brief introduction to some of the key points I will cover in the e-course.

1. Do your research first.
2. Create the right name and logo.
3. Develop a digital platform.
4. Place yourself effectively in the market.
5. Understand the importance of, and utilise social media.
6. Develop front-facing content.
7. Be consistent with everything you do.
8. Engagement from your brand to your clients.
9. Be relevant.
10. It’s not enough to just create your brand. Develop, evolve and expand it.

Want to learn more about these points and more with regards to starting, establishing and developing a brand in psychology, therapy or any private caring profession?

Want to learn how you develop a name for yourself and develop a niche in the crowded market that will help develop your client base?

Then make sure to register for the upcoming course on how to develop a brand in therapeutic work.

Fraser Smith is a counselling psychologist in training and a psychology seminar tutor. He is the CEO of GetPsyched. 

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