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Why Is Borneo Red A Superior Strain Of Kratom

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Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, is a tropical evergreen plant of the coffee family which achieved mass popularity in recent years due to its opioid and stimulant-like properties. It is native to Southeast Asia, commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, and Thailand. It has been used as a form of indigenous herbal medicine in these regions for hundreds of years. The Kratom genus has various strains, all of which have diverse and unique effects and usages that serve different purposes.

Borneo Red is a specific strain of Kratom that has several beneficial and multifaceted properties. Borneo Red is a red-vein Kratom from Borneo, a rugged island overlapping the Equator in the Malaysian Archipelago. The torrid tropical climate marked by heavy monsoon rains and a hot, humid temperature provides the perfect conditions for cultivating Kratom, resulting in a harvest of Borneo Red that is of extremely high quality and brim-full with the properties that make it so attractive in the first place.

Benefits Of Borneo Red Kratom

Some usual benefits of Borneo Red that place it top-of-the-line are that it can aid in relieving pain, as a mood enhancer, its effective sedation, anxiety-relief, anti-depression effects, and a means to assist opiate withdrawal. To help elucidate why Borneo Red-vein is a strain of Kratom par-excellence, here are a few of its choicest benefits to make our case!

Anxiety Relief And Stress Release

Anxiety and stress can be significant obstacles in the daily functioning of any human being. Experiencing anxiety and stress in the high-pressure world of today is far more common-place than one would imagine. However, there are still not many widely available resources to help the average person manage these turbulent emotions. A turbulent mind caused by anxiety and stress is a massive deterrent to positive social interaction and activities. That is why it is essential to manage these feelings that cause distress and upheaval moods. A healthy lifestyle adjustment can help manage mental illnesses that disrupt daily life events and hinder productivity. Borneo Red is an effective and easy-to-access therapy for anxiety relief and relaxation to reduce stress. Borneo Red Kratom is tremendously abundant in corynoxine A and B alkaloids that protect dopamine (the “happy hormone”) neurons. This hormone is instrumental in the feelings of pleasure and helps us think clearly. Thus, while all kratom strains offer relaxation and feelings of serenity, the Borneo Red is the choicest variety for the same since its efficacy is much more significant and its results far more profound and long-lasting.

Depression And Mood Enhancer

Feelings of hopelessness, despair, lack of motivation, and unproductivity are all agonizing aspects of depressions. While it is crucial to reach out and avail of professional help to deal with such mental illnesses, there are also many non-medical avenues that people can look to for help in alleviating symptoms of depression. These are not a substitute for proper psychological help, but one can use them as an additional resource for helping remedy these feelings. Red Borneo Kratom goes a long way in helping mitigate the problematic effects of depression and related mental illnesses due to its varied alkaloid chemical signature. It contains two potent mood-enhancing alkaloids, namely, 7-hydroxy-mitragynine, mitragynine. These greatly aid the stabilizing of moods and considerably prevent the constant whiplash of negative emotions. As such, the Red Borneo strain of Kratom helps enhance moods and reduce the feelings of lethargy and despair.

Physical Pain And Discomfort

Physical pain considerably hampers daily life and is often excruciating to bear. While allopathic medicines are an option for pain relief, many people prefer naturally occurring medicines to help with pain and discomfort in their bodies. There are many natural analgesics to choose from. Still, the Red Borneo strain of kratom contains one of the most potent forms of analgesics found in nature, according to a study published in the Journal of Osteopathic Medicine. 7-hydroxy-mitragynine is one of the most potent analgesics, and it occurs in high percentages in Red Borneo Kratom. This chemical stimulates the opioid receptors in one’s body and is thus highly effective when it comes to pain relief – whether it is alleviating a full-body ache or a localized intense pain. Mature Red Borneo leaves have very high concentrations of 7-hydroxy-mitragynine and present a very viable option for relief from aches and pains.

Opiate Withdrawal

Rehabilitation after the abuse of addictive drugs and narcotics can often cause physical and mental upheaval on one’s body. The withdrawal after using heavily dangerous drugs such as opioids and other substances like alcohol generally leads to severe cravings and other withdrawal symptoms. Any recovering addict mustn’t give in to such cravings and withdrawal symptoms in this period. Red Vein Borneo is one such herbal alternative that can help alleviate these harsh effects and prevent relapse into drug abuse. Research published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence states that Kratom has the harm-reducing potentiality to aid drug users in quitting addictive substances like opioids and alcohol. Moreover, the withdrawal symptoms caused by Kratom are exceedingly mild compared to alcohol and opiates.

Recreational Uses

With the exceeding popularity of recreational drugs like marijuana, CBD, and cannabis being increasingly accepted and viewed in a benign and positive light, Kratom is now being recognized for its potential as a recreational drug in addition to its diverse health capabilities. We have learnt that Red Vein Borneo is the strain with the highest amounts of alkaloids with several promising properties such as protecting dopamine neurons, alleviating stress and anxiety, reducing drowsiness and fatigue, countering negative emotions associated with depression, as well as reducing physical pain through relaxation of muscles.


Kratom has been used in indigenous communities for centuries due to these previously mentioned potent benefits, and Red Vein borneo kratom has consistently been the strain with the highest amounts of these beneficial qualities. Due to these positive effects that this strain provides in the most significant degrees, Red Vein Borneo is the top of the range variety of Kratom available to use. 

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