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Boost Your Mood with These Easy to Care for Houseplants

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Wren Kitchens reveals the best houseplants to boost your mood. Indoor plants can reduce 87% of toxins in the air, reduce blood pressure and make you feel calmer.

Plants can also increase our serotonin levels (our happy hormone), helping to alleviate stress, depression and anxiety.

During the pandemic, most of us became obsessed with houseplants, yet we still looked for simplicity when it came to maintenance, with searches for ‘how not to kill your houseplant’ increasing by 200%.

If you’re looking for a new piece of greenery to refresh your space but don’t want the added worry of confusing maintenance, Wren Kitchens have revealed the best houseplants in your home to help boost your mood this summer.

Aloe vera

Containing powerful antioxidants, the gel from aloe vera can help to soothe acne, sunburns and dry skin and relieve itchiness caused by bug bites. To allow your aloe vera plant to thrive, place it in bright but indirect sunlight, and let it dry between watering.

Fishbone cactus

Like regular cacti, the fishbone cactus is extremely easy to look after, tolerating indirect light and little watering. Its uniquely shaped leaves resemble a fishbone (hence the name) and can often trail down as it grows larger, making it a perfect hanging plant. 

Snake plant

Had issues in the past with keeping plants alive? Try a snake plant – they require little maintenance and can help to improve your well-being thanks to their ability to remove harmful toxins from the air. They also release oxygen mostly at night, making them ideal bedroom plants for those with allergies. 

Peace lily

According to feng shui, peace lilies help to create a calm and harmonious environment, making them ideal for promoting well-being at home. They soak up mould spores in the air and absorb their water before releasing it into their environment- a bonus for those with dry homes.


You’ve likely seen the Monstera (also referred to as a Swiss cheese plant) clogging up your Insta feed, but they can boost your mood. They purify the air, making your home healthier – plus, you can grow new plants from their cuttings. 

English ivy

Like peace lilies, English ivy absorbs mould in the air, helping to purify your home; it also has properties that help you to stop being restless, meaning you can enjoy a better night’s sleep.

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