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How to Boost Your Brain to Its Fullest Capacity

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Whatever type of person you are, a student, teacher, employer, or employee, you need to have mental strength. You might have experienced having a hard time focusing, thinking, or even remembering. Your brain is not functioning to its most total capacity.

You always want to at your 100%. That is hard when you are all drained out. Do not worry, though. There are several things you can do to boost your brainpower.  


Your brain is getting stressed with all the information it is processing. Remember that the brain is the command centre of your whole body. Everything that your body does, inside and outside, is controlled by the brain. 

When your brain becomes sleepy, this affects your cognitive function. You do not get to think straight and have reliable judgment. It is harder to focus and finish tasks when you are mentally tired.

Your brain needs some rest to recharge and process everything. You must get enough sleep every night. It is not only about getting the right amount of sleep but also sleeping at the right time. 


Exercise will help in boosting your brain. Your brain needs the power to function. Aside from energy, it needs oxygen. 

When you exercise, you improve your body’s blood flow. More blood travels to your brain and thus, sending more oxygen. Your body also releases endorphins that make you happy and lessens mental stress.

Good diet

Food also affects your brain function. Remember you are what you eat. Whatever you put into your body will affect your brain. 

You can also take vitamins. According to Earth 2 Brain, herbal supplements can improve brain function. Sometimes the food you take is not enough. Vitamins and supplements can help provide nutrients that your brain needs. 

There are what they call ‘brain or smart food’ that improves your brain. You should eat many vegetables and fruits – foods like salmon, nuts, eggs, and dark chocolate help boost your brain.


The reason you can’t concentrate might be because you are overthinking. Your brain is going overdrive and is having a hard time focusing on one thing. Your thoughts are all over the place, which makes your mind wander off easily.

Try meditating to collect your thoughts, calm the mind. You stop what you are doing and try some breathing exercises for a few minutes. You can also do journaling to organize your ideas.

Solve puzzles

Our brain is muscle. If you do not use your brain that often, it will degenerate. You should also do activities to strengthen it. Do activities like puzzles to stimulate your brain. Reading also helps in exercising the brain. 

Do one task at a time

Multitasking will speed things up for sure. However, this also means that your mind cannot give its one hundred percent to a task. 

It is better if you focus on one task first before you go to the next one. Focusing one at a time will help you produce better quality results, and also, you would not get overwhelmed with all the tasks.

Your brain is part of your body. Do not forget to take care of it. Perform these simple tips to improve your brain. When your brain is at its highest capacity, you get to achieve more tasks that are high-quality. 

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the managing director of Psychreg.


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