List of Books to be Given Away as Raffle Prizes During ICPCE 2018

List of Books to be Given Away as Raffle Prizes During ICPCE 2018

In its aim to promote the expansion of ideas, Psychreg will be giving away 10 textbooks in a raffle for all participants who register through Premium Registration during the 1st International Conference on Psychology, Counselling and Education (ICPCE 2018)

Here are three books which are already on our list (We will give away 10 books, so feel free to suggest 7 more books):

1. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) – is the 2013 update to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the taxonomic and diagnostic tool published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). In the United States, the DSM serves as a universal authority for psychiatric diagnoses. Treatment recommendations, as well as payment by healthcare providers, are often determined by DSM classifications, so the appearance of a new version has significant practical importance.

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2. Handbook of Psychological Testing – Since publication in its first edition the Handbook of Psychological Testing has become the standard text for organisational and educational psychologists. It offers the only comprehensive, modern, and clear account of the whole of the field of psychometrics. It covers psychometric theory, the different kinds of psychological test, applied psychological testing, and the evaluation of the best published psychological tests. It is outstanding for its detailed and complete coverage of the field, its clarity (even for the non-mathematical) and its emphasis on the practical application of psychometric theory in psychology and education, as well as in vocational, occupational and clinical fields.

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3. Synopsis of Psychiatry – This is the best-selling resource in psychiatry, now updated with DSM-5. The new and thoroughly updated 11th edition of Kaplan and Sadock’s Synopsis of Psychiatry is a complete overview of the entire field of psychiatry for clinicians, residents, students, and all others who provide mental healthcare. In this best-selling textbook in psychiatry for over 40 years, the reader will find a thorough discussion of both the behavioural sciences and clinical psychiatry. The 11th edition integrates all the DSM-5 criteria and provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of treatment methods for every known mental disorder.

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The conference is organised by Psychreg, the Asian Psychological Association, New Era University, and the Global Psychology and Language Research Association. Registration is open to everyone. 

Dennis Relojo is the founder of Psychreg and is also the Editor-in-Chief of Psychreg Journal of Psychology. Aside from PJP, he sits on the editorial boards of peer-reviewed journals, and is a Commissioning Editor for the International Society of Critical Health Psychology. A Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society, Dennis holds a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Hertfordshire. His research interest lies in the intersection of psychology and blogging. You can connect with him through Twitter @DennisRelojo and his website. 


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